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NFS: Most Wanted

Puntos Fuertes: Cars, graphics, gameplay

Puntos Débiles: No online mode

NFS: Most Wanted is an awesome street racing game. There are lots of cars with different options to choose from. Behind the great racing is good story telling too. This game seems to combine the best of NFS: Hot Pursuit and NFS: Underground. Cops are on the chase after you while you're racing with other guys. Intensive action and gameplay are abundant in this game.

The graphics is excellent given the current generation of gaming hardware. Soundtrack is not bad too.

The only downside in this game is the lack of online playing. It would have been the best street racing game if not for the lack of online mode.

Por eau697 - Dec 12, 2006


Puntos Fuertes: fast cars

Puntos Débiles: no online play

nfs most wanted is the best streat racing game ever if it had on line play razor is hard but not the hardest if I had to say izzy is the hardest.

Por jesseinv - May 26, 2007


Puntos Fuertes: Graphics, lots of cars with option. Different racing modes.

Puntos Débiles: Darn no online play.

Yeah like most are saying NFSU2 was an awesome game and could be played nonstop. But like all the NFS games they are addictive and I have been a fan ever since the first releases. You can "tune" your car to beat other type of car class. The more you win the more of a rep you get which will make you climb the blacklist. Get the game you have never been disappointed by the others NFS so why would they now:)!

Por GO BLUE - May 2, 2006

NFS: Most Wanted

Puntos Fuertes: graphics, story, Josie Maran

Puntos Débiles: no online play for this version

The graphics are awesome. The story is great. You need to be number one on the blacklist. In order to do that, you have to beat 15 guys on the blacklist to be the most wanted person. This game is like Hot Pursuit combined with Underground games into one. You can tune up or in other words trick out your cars. There are also cops chasing and busting you down while you racing with the other guys. That makes the game intense action. You have to beat the guys during the race and avoiding the cops at the same time. One of the best racing games since NFS Underground.

Por trunks982 - Dec 19, 2005

Most Wanted

Puntos Fuertes: Fun gameplay, carries on the tradition

Puntos Débiles: none

There are 2 types of racing game fans. The ones that enjoy things for their realism and the ones that enjoy the games because they are fun. For those people who enjoy realism, go pick up a title such as Gran Turismo 4. If you're looking for a title that is fun, easy to play, and intense, then this is the game for you. The gameplay is intense as you move your way up the blacklist, trying to improve your car and avoid the cops. The graphics are great and overall, the game is just a blast. I definitely recommend picking this up.

Por Warner1281 - Jun 28, 2006

Fun Game

Puntos Fuertes: Gameplay, Graphics

Puntos Débiles: No Online

This is a really fun racing game that combines previous versions of Underground and Hot Pursuit games. The police chases are really fun, as well as collecting cars and tuning them up.

Por dtsai24 - Dec 27, 2005

need to be more realistic

Puntos Fuertes: graphics is pretty good

Puntos Débiles: steering is bad

first the steering is bad at first when pulling of.Ok we know the car have good power but doesn't require so much swaying on the taking off.then the changing of gears sucks can't steer as u u should then cars is driving ok yeah but then the automatically drivs in to u sometimes's bothersome when u in a tense situation.for me i love gran Turismo for me i have completed g2 and almost 4 and is really good. i will advice to buy G4 if u want a good feel of driving.i think the makers should improve in need for speed(which i have the black edition).learn from gran turismo.maybe if u add some good qualities from g4 it will improve the ratings

Por robinsingh - Feb 27, 2006

most wanted

Puntos Fuertes: Fun title, similar to other need for speed games

Puntos Débiles: N/A

This is a very fun game. Fans of previous Need for Speed titles will enjoy the Most Wanted game. It combines the police factor of hot pursuit with the gameplay of Underground. The purpose? Avoide getting busted while you try and win races against the other guys. The game does get frustrating when you are constantly being hit by the police who are trying to pull you over. This does lend to needing at least a little luck in the game, but mostly it's just a matter of having fun and not slowing down. If you enjoy racing games that aren't all about the looks (ala- Gran Turismo), then this is the title for you.

Por Jammerdez1 - Sep 28, 2006

A must have

Puntos Fuertes: Great graphics. Great Gameplay.

Puntos Débiles: None so far.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is an awesome game with great in game graphics and awesome gameplay. The racing is awesome and there are many things to do in it like customization. Great buy. Would recommend.

Por ramuneboy - Aug 1, 2006

NFS: Most Wanted

Puntos Fuertes: mix of arcade/sim gameplay, deep, more variety of cars, pursuit mode

Puntos Débiles: none much of improvement over last NFS, not as pretty as racing in the night, single-player mode maybe too taunting for some

NFS: Most Wanted is pretty much a fusion of NFS: Hot Pursuit and NFSU. EA took the pursuit mode of Hot Pursuit and combine it with the deep customization of the NFSU series. The big difference between this game and last year's NFS is basically now you have cops chasing you, you're now racing in the daylight, and more variety of cars. There are some new modes such as Puersuit mode and a new single-player storyline. Other than this, there haven't been any innovation in the series. If you are a NFS fan, then this is a game for you. If you already played through NFSU2, then hold off on this game until it hits a bargain price.

Por silentassassin47 - Dec 18, 2006

NFS: Most Wanted

Puntos Fuertes: Graphics, gameplay

Puntos Débiles: No online

Most Wanted is another great game from the Need for Speed series from EA Games. The graphics is awesome given what the current gen console can do. The gameplay is pretty good. You can customize cars with different options and there is variety of different racing modes for different moods. The soundtrack is decent and does a good job of making the game fun to play.

The only complain is that there is no online mode. It would have been good to be able to race cars with your buddies over the internet. Well, since it drops to $20 now, it is still a good game to pick up now.

Por keelie - Dec 15, 2006

hate it

Puntos Fuertes: graphics, story

Puntos Débiles: customization,cars,confusing

i didn't like this game. it was confusing for comtrols and it had very bad custimization choices. the cars as well werent really tuner cars like the fiant punto...the what???? i think the best one is underground 2.

By anonymous; - May 4, 2006

Need for Speed Most Wanted

The underground racing scene really exploded a few years ago and it has really changed the face of racing games. Everywhere you look you will see traces of this racing trend and in many areas it has really been a good thing for gamers. For the past two years now EA has released their popular Need for Speed racing series and it had a very “underground” theme to it. This year EA has combined...
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By GameZone - Nov 29, 2005

Need for Speed Most Wanted

EA reinvigorates its fast and furious franchise by inviting The Man to the party.
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By GameSpy - Nov 28, 2005

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Developers of racing games received a new injection of life and purpose in the last two years. The growing popularity of street racing and modding has flourished in the popular culture, while Criterion's Burnout series has blazed a path all its own, bringing arcade racing back to its pre-Gran Turismo glory days. The Need for Speed series has never clung to a particular aspect of pop culture...
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By - Nov 10, 2005

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS rating of 3.33 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #1,109 game of all time, #35 game of 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and #226 PlayStation 2 game of all time. The rating and ranking is based on an average of 65 critic scores, awards and other criteria. To see a breakdown of the game ranking, read individual critic reviews, or see how other games...
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By - Mar 17, 2008

Need For Speed: Most Wanted has collected 7 expert reviews for Need For Speed: Most Wanted and the average expert rating is 75 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Oct 24, 2008