DSi XL Pro Pack - Blue

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The Pro Pack compiles of a number of essential items for DSi XL which includes Soft Feel Carry Case, Screen Protector Set, USB Charging Cable, USB Car Charger, Earphones with Microphone, 2 Replacement Stylus, Screen Cleaning Cloth, 4 Games Cases and Wrist Strap. The Pro Pack is available in the choice of either Red or Blue.Features include: -Carry Case -Screen Protector Set-USB Charging Cable and USB Car Charger-Earphones with Microphone, plus 2 Replacement Stylus-Screen Cleaning Cloth, 4 Games Cases, Wrist Strap


Título del Producto: DSi XL Pro Pack - Blue

Fabricante: Logic 3

Power Score: 4.1 | 0 Reviews

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