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Pocket-sized portable

Great size and weight (under 1lb) for air travelers. Tablet P, my drink and my pretzels all fit on the tray table at the same time. Nice combined email view for my corporate, gmail and mac accounts. Cool, split screen apps for me and Playstation games for the kids. Battery lasts all day but a car charger would be nice.

Por uchina on AT&T - May 20, 2012

this is not worth as much $$$. Get an I phone inst

It is heavy even though small. Hard to see and use the screen. Very sensitive to surroundings. No accessories or protection for it. My cover has fallen off many times. Truly a BUST!!!

Por momma13 on AT&T - Apr 14, 2012

simply the best

this tablet is the best. the smallest tablet yet. and the fact that its sony means it has all the technology of sony. good battery life, best picture quality out there, and super fast

Por tommy3 on AT&T - Mar 16, 2012

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