Heel Engystol Homeopathic Medicine -- 60 Tablets


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Título del Producto: Heel Engystol Homeopathic Medicine -- 60 Tablets

Fabricante: Heel

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Power Score: 4.8 | 4 Reviews

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My pediatrician recommended this product to reduce the symptoms of cold, influenza, especially because my son was suffering from recurrent sore throat. Since we use reduces the intensity and duration of colds or the flu. Safe for any age.

Por narita on Vitacost - May 28, 2012

Will always have on hand

My doctor recommended this product because I work with small children. A very contagious stomach bug was working its way through all the kids and employees. I was the only one who didn't get sick. Which is a miracle because my son had it and I took the brunt of it!! (yuck!) Even my husband got sick.

Por Jomama2 on Vitacost - Mar 19, 2011

Love this product

This is the best purchase ever.

Por CityGirl11 on Vitacost - Mar 12, 2011

Great for allergies

I moved from the west coast to the east coast where naturopaths aren't allowed to give injections so I have to use the engystol tablets instead of getting my monthly shots. This product has helped me not get sinus infections anymore. I highly recommend it.

Por Jojola on Vitacost - Jul 21, 2010

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