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Bascula/Monitor de Grasa Corporal - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

5 Star Review BF-682 Scale and Body Fat Monitor


lsherris - (February 12, 2005) Tanita makes professional scales and body measuring systems that cost $1500-$2500. Supposedly we get the same technology in a very affordable personal model. I am actually quite impressed with this scale. Set up and use is very simple. I have gone through several bathroom scales in the past few years (which cost as much as this scale) because they have been inconsistent. On these scales my weight varies by as much as three pounds from minute to minute. The Tanita scale measures to the nearest 0.2 pounds, and from minute to minute it is right on. The reproducibility is perfect. I also believe it is accurate since it correlated extremely well with the scale at my doctor's office. Bod

5 Star Review The most awsome scale on Earth! Wow! It's just that awesome!


evilmonkey - (June 25, 2006) This is a really neat piece of health hardware. I really recommend it. When you are thinking about heading down the hall to the snack machine to get a Snickers bar at 9:30 in the morning you know that waiting for you at home is this black and steel beast, just waiting for your lard a** to step on it and let you know just how fat you really are. Just knowing it will give you feed back such as body fat% really keeps you honest.

4 Star Review BF-682 Scale and Body Fat Monitor


jjmacs95 - (August 31, 2004) I would highly recommend this scale for anyone who has a family with more than two people in the household. It has individual controls for up to four members, and it even has a separate guest control.

Ultimas Reseñas

1 Star Review electronic body mass index scale

Anonymous User - (18/06/13) Can't turn on with out taking the battery out each time to reset it .Hard to read different setting .No way to contact them for support. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone. What a ripoff. This is why they don;t have place to contact them

1 Star Review Junk. Don't waste your money!

Anonymous - (30/04/13) Will not measure the body fat. Keeps coming up with an error code. I have size 12 feet and they barely fit on the scale, not sure if that is the problem or not. If it is, they should probably put a disclaimer on the page.

5 Star Review Excellent scale - good quality

Anonymous - (30/04/13) This scale is easy to use, durable, and fits in small space; I also like the digital feature.

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