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2 Star Review
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Con PriceGrabber desde 31/07/15

Fecha de Reseña: 27/11/09
geofftrott de ME
Miembro Desde:
I am very happy with my purchase. I must admit that if I had read the reviews prior to the purchase I may not have made the purchase. However, MY transaction was seamless despite my error on the shipping address (The House immediately corrected it when I emailed them). The board I bought was a K2 Illusion wide at a very good price and they even threw in some ear phones as a freebie. I didn't expect these to be too good but they actually don't fall out of my ears! Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 28/09/09
purple_mongoose de CA
Miembro Desde:
The-house is probably the worst seller online. They blatanly lied in their description of the goggles that i purchased from them last week. When the goggles arrived, i put them on and looked at my computer screen to check that they were polarized and, low and behold, they were not. customer service explained to me that "reduced glare of oakley polarization" did not mean that the goggles were "fully polarized" but that the goggles gave a taste of what difference oakley polarization made. check the description yourself: the goggles, however, were incredibly comfortable and well-ventilated and had they been polarized, would have been perfect. if you want really comfortable goggles, i would fully back the oakley wisdom, just don't get them through the-house. Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 04/03/08
TheHouseSux de NY
Miembro Desde:
BEWARE!!! THE SINGLE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH A MERCHANT!!! I odered a pair of Technine bindings for my Burton board. I found out that they dont come with 3D mounting brackets. It doesnt say this anywhere on the order page. It does say it for most other bindings on their website. I was also told to contact Technine & they told me that they are on backorder indefinitely. I was told by TheHouse that I have to pay return shipping for their mistake. There was no way for me to know this before my purchase, but I was held responsible in the end. The customer service was horrible. They were extremely unsympathetic & made me feel like its my fault, even though they admittted guilt. I had to rent a snowboard (god no!) for my trip ($25), cant use my old broken bindings now can I & the paid $12 to return the item. They never even responded to 1 of my emails. They boast "Satisfaction Absolute" on their site. Uh, whoever wrote that must not work there anymore... Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 05/02/08
hiisland de HI
Miembro Desde:
This company is completely out of touch with customer service. I ordered my son a jacket for his birthday on Sunday and paid added express shipping. It stated on their website that the jacket I ordered "ships immediately." Their website says that with upgraded express shipping, the product will be sent within 24 hours. Well late Tuesday I call because I had not received any shipping information and was told they would not have it in stock for another week. Wow, you would think they would contact me and let me know since I paid express shipping! I told them to cancel the order and they didn't even seem to care that they were losing a sale. My son's birthday is tomorrow and I don't have a gift for him. He lives in a different state so it is not like I can go to a store at last minute and buy him something. I pretty upset this happened. It is the worst online store I have dealt with. This company is terrible--stay away! I will never deal with them again. Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 07/01/08
jetbundle de unknown
Miembro Desde:
I called them after I ordered (a week before the Xmas break) to verify that my order was shipped, and they told me it had shipped. It turned out at the end though that they had shipped almost two weeks after I ordered, so the board arrived late for holidays and they had lied to me on the phone. Also, their items look much nicer on their website, and what they sell as "great offers" will be cheap stuff (e.g. my board was 4 seasons old, had rust on the edges and seems not well-made; the bindings needed some WD40 to undo some of the screws) Calificación
2 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 04/01/07
zaursky de NC
Miembro Desde:
Never received the items. Customer service people have been giving me a run around for two month and never credited my money back. Now they tell me they have, but I still do not have it. Incapable employees! BAD service! Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 26/10/06
caligari1919 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Got a great deal on a nitro board here. Customer service was really helpful- ansered my questions and gave good advice on a few places to hit in Colorado. Can't wait for the white stuff! Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 27/07/06
Mikey G de unknown
Miembro Desde:
I ordered a skateboard with a gift card I received from my boss. 2 days later I got an email from the-house stating there was a problem with my gift card. I called them at 10am the next morning but was told that only 1 person could help me and she was not at work yet and I should call back in 30 minutes. 40 minutes later, I called again and got the same story. I then emailed them and gave them the phone number where I could be reached until Noon (I was unable to accept calls or make calls while at work) and waited. My friend called me later that evening and said that the-house left a phone message for me at 12:20pm. I emailed them later that evening and explained that I am unable to make or receive phone calls during the day and I wanted to cancel my order. Their customer service sucks and I would never order from them again. My Dad went on the internet and found the same skateboard for $15 cheaper than the-house and he ordered it for me. Calificación
1 Star Review
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