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4 Star Review
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Con PriceGrabber desde 16/09/15

Fecha de Reseña: 01/06/14
kbrower3 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
I love amazon. Quick reliable shipping and ok prices. Calificación
4 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 02/05/14
jimboanderson2010 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Amazon stood behind a purchase when they did not need to. They took back a tonneau cover when they did not probably have to. I made a mistake with the type of truck I have. Nice and thank you for earning me for a customer for life. I will be back. Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 04/03/14
asdf23 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
test Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 23/12/13
YOLO de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Amazon is not the same company it once was. Extremely frustrating working with Customer Service and their 'policies' whether it makes sense or not. Frustrated that their Customer Service department is outsourced to India (nothing personally against India but there is a communication barrier). And I'm tired of the 'form' responses when people don't read my emails for help. Working with such a giant corporation is the most frustrating thing in the world. As a small business, it was also the most frustrating thing to try to work with Amazon. I'm done with them. I'm going to go back and shop with small businesses going forward. At least they work with you when there is a problem. Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 11/12/13
notanamazonfan de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Amazon usually has great prices, that's way I've been using them. I have Amazon Prime which is supposed to guarantee 2- day shipping. They claim to be Customer-Centric and that customer service is their priority. WELL NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. I have consistently been having terrible issues with receiving item on time, quality of item (from Amazon and third party resellers that Amazon says they guarantee and stand behind) Customer service is rarely able to get any matter resolved, if you ask for a supervisor, I'd say 40 % of the time you'll be told a supervisor isn't working. (WHAT CALL CENTER/CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER IS EVER OPEN WITHOUT A SUPERVISOR ON DUTY!!!) unfortunately it's been my experience, many times, that Amazon offers some of the poorest customer service on the planet, not the best. Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 14/06/13
beck324 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Very easy to use website and product was delivered fast Calificación
4 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 16/04/13
wellxlookiexhere de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Great prices and selection! Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 20/03/13
Willhow de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Amazon has great video game deals (especially during holiday seasons). You better check them out. Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 21/02/13
surecure999 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
NEW FREE shipping policy, Hold the order for 3 days and then ship it. Always ship on a Thursday, then delivery can't be before Monday. UNLESS YOU OPT FOR OTHER THAN FREE SHIPPING!! Calificación
2 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 06/12/12
osakakawaii de CA
Miembro Desde:
Great seller. I got my item quickly. The case was received in 2 days. I also enjoy Prime shipping service because I can stream great videos and share the shipping service with family. Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 19/06/12
tomc0924 de VT
Miembro Desde:
Never received order.. called after shipment was late and tracking info showed that order was never picked up by shipper.. these items were fulfilled by Amazon and apparently never got out of their shipping.. multiple calls to customer service failed to help.. they just told me to wait a little longer even tho the tracking info showed the items were never in transit. one rep told me he would reship , but this didnt happen within a day, so i finally cancelled the order which Amazon did without hesitation.. Amazon used to be good in resolving issues.. May conversations with the reps were totally unproductive except when i wanted to cancle.. This company's service has slipped considerably over past year for me. they have moved way down on my shopping target list Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 03/05/12
test01 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 31/03/12
xjxd3500 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members. Same is true for a merchant, its weakest members being customers who have a problem. I ordered a Samsung TV from amazon and chose free shipping. It was delivered by UPS (I didn't choose the courier) and worked for a total of 30 minutes before it failed. There is a little known policy with amazon, that they will use UPS Return service. There is also a little known caveat of UPS Return service, that pick up is required to be able to insure items $1000-$50000. If the item was less than $1000, then its only 1 chance, and the driver would leave the label. Amazon would refund return shipping if this failed, but I had shipping free, so why not just give me a new UPS shipping label ? By chance, a family member just came home from work when the UPS guy came by. The Panasonic TV that replaced it was dented, but works to this day (too much hassle to return). Basically, don't ever order anything over $999 on amazon. Calificación
2 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 10/03/12
ssiu+132 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
This is a test Calificación
3 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 05/02/12
Mark.Rivers de unknown
Miembro Desde:
the best thing's ever happened to shopping online, have to admit Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 04/02/12
awesome_Gab de unknown
Miembro Desde:
I have to thank amazon so much, my favorite album of SPITZ was out of stock a long time ago but amazon still managed to help me find another used but still in good condition one Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 24/12/11
living_on_the_edge de unknown
Miembro Desde:
one of the most decent sites for buying books Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 01/12/11
ronaldtriangle de unknown
Miembro Desde:
I have bought just under 300 items from I have a prime account and 2 kindles. I have had very few issues. Returns have not been a problem. Prices are always competitive. Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 27/11/11
Gonebzerk de unknown
Miembro Desde:
My order was deleted. Amazons explaination was the seller was out of stock. The real reason given buy the seller was that the advertisement was incorrect and it did not come with the base speaker. Niether Amozon or the dealer offered any amends to thier mistake and I am without my order. I can not trust the Amazon site to sell what they are advertising. If not resolved I will return the $660 of merchandise I have ordered and awaiting shipment and will never order through them again. Calificación
1 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 18/10/11
tabasco de unknown
Miembro Desde:
(Edited October 18th by tabasco_1169531018)  I have bought hundreds of items from Amazon including a Kindle and dozens of regular books, household items, electronics, you name it and I have had few problems and when I did, they fixed it and it never cost me a penny. Best on-line business out there. I am a very faithful customer, but I keep them honest and seldom beat the price and never the service. Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 15/10/11
Toast100 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
I'm amazed by the free shipping. Under $2 and I still get free shipping. Amazing. Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 02/09/11
comcats de FL
Miembro Desde:
I have ordered over 100 items from Amazon and have never had a problem. My only gripe is that some second hand sellers send the BD movies in a DVD case. I only have BD's and the DVD's will not fit in my cabinet. I am handicapped and purchase many other items from food to pajamas and have never had any problems purchasing from Amazon or its partners. Calificación
4 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 16/06/11
madllama de CA
Miembro Desde:
I couldn't believe the low rating for amazon so i had to check out the reviews.You gotta have reasonable expectations ppl! They use to have a pricematching policy but killed it from abuse. And all the quibbling about the definition of "in stock?" Are you serious!? Have had nothing but great customer service with returns and quick shipping. Most users know that so I don't even know why I felt compelled to contribute this review. Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 18/05/11
danwtesting de CA
Miembro Desde:
Amazon is the best! Calificación
5 Star Review
Fecha de Reseña: 28/04/11
Jabrown097 de unknown
Miembro Desde:
Easy checkout and had product in stock with free shipping. Calificación
3 Star Review
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