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  • 3
  Por el miembro: Big Daddy - Feb 9, 2008

Good Alternative to Traditional

Puntos Fuertes: No user fatigue, Easy to load, Quiet

Puntos Débiles: quality results depend on the user, might be under powered for hard core, industrial, projects

I bought this electric staple gun to save my hands from using a mechanical stapler. It was easy to load with the Stanley brand staples - the correct length right out of the box.

Getting quality results took a little practice. You have to hold the stapler flat against the object being stapled or else they go in at an angle. I also learned to hold it firmly against the fence or else the staples didn't got in all the way - wasn't expecting recoil to matter that much.

I had to use the high power setting to staple into a wooden fence. The staples wouldn't penetrate when I tried the low power setting. I'm not sure the unit has the power needed for a more industrial use so it's not a replacement for a pneumatic stapler.

The power switch was too easy to inadvertently flip on & off when handling the stapler. A switch that takes more force to flip would reduce the risk of accidental injury.

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  • 5
  Por patinalazina sobre - May 28, 2013

Nice tool

The tool is great. The directions and graphics are not. I had to go to Home Depot, bring the tool and directions to figure out how to load the nailer/stapler. Even the tool department guy had a difficult time figuring out the tool. But I'm glad I bought it. It really works well.

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  • 2
  Por BART sobre - Dec 20, 2011

Does not use Arrow T-50 heavy duty staples

This stapler gun does not use Arrow T-50 despite stating it does. I bought it in combo pack with a tr45 light duty stapler and it included staples. I was hoping I could the brad nailer but it will only take 5/8 " brad nails. I was hoping it took 1 1/4 " which I could use to put up fence boards. because the model that takes 1 1/4 " is $69

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  • 5
  Por dirtygmc sobre - Aug 16, 2011

Works just fine.

I picked this up to hang some insulation in an addition I'm working on. I don't know how other people are using this stapler, but it works great for what I'm doing. As long as you don't limp wrist it while working it will drive a 1/2" staple into whatever wood you need. This isn't a nail gun, you need to use it according. My only gripe is it only holds one stick of staples, but oh well. I have shot a good 5000 staples through it without any jams.

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  • 1
  Por Doresoom sobre - Feb 28, 2011

Worked great until it broke

I'm writing this second review after putting just 1,000 staples through this stapler. It stopped working regularly and only fires on about 1 out of every 15 trigger pulls now. When it does fire, it's several seconds after I pull the trigger. Needless to say it went back to the store, and I picked out a different brand.

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  • 4
  Por Doresoom sobre - Feb 14, 2011

Easy to use stapler

I bought this stapler to upholster a valance box I constructed out of hardwood plywood. It's got plenty of power, and drives the staples completely into the plywood. I'm not sure why others had problems with pine - just make sure you've got your work piece braced sufficiently and there shouldn't be any problems. I don't have any plans on using it for brad nails, as it has a very limited size range for nails. (1/2" - 5/8") I'll stick with using my 18 gauge pneumatic brad nailer for nails.

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  • 1
  Por Kentuckybuilder sobre - Mar 6, 2008

Clack clack....took it back

Worked fine on styrofoam. Wouldn't drive a short staple halfway into yellow pine. Certainly didn't perform as expected or as it should have. I took it back.

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  • 5
  Por Maryloveslighthouses sobre - Dec 31, 2007

Electric stapler/nailer

We specifically purchased this stapler for putting up Christmas lights. We have since found that it is so handy around the housefor lots of things. It is easy to use, load, purchase staples and brads for and it is lightweight. I highly recommend this one.

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  • 1
  Por rltool55 sobre - Sep 19, 2007

Poor quality

Very poor quality. Unacceptable staple setting depth.

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  • 5
  Por stapling sobre - Oct 8, 2006

The best tools I have ever bought

I have been doing crown moulding project around the house and I started in the kitchen with a hammer and nail. This was so difficult to install that I never wanted to see any crown moulding ever again. But Then I bought the gun stapler and this has been the easier job that I have ever done in my life. Now I am ready to put crown moulding everywhere in the house.

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  • 4
  Por Ray59330 sobre - Oct 7, 2006

Great tool

This electric staple brad nailer is a wonderful tool. It has dual settings for power so you can determine the amount of force that is applied to the staple. The only problem I have with the stapler/nailer is I can't seem to find any nails for the blasted thing. Otherwise I would give it a 5 stars.

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