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Hasbro Baby Alive Doll with Accessories Caucasian

MPN: 18636 Ver Detalles del Producto

Detalles del Producto Hasbro Baby Alive Doll with Accessories Caucasian

Playing mommy is more fun than ever with Baby Alive — the doll that "eats" and "poops" just like a real baby! She's ready to play, laugh and talk, and you'll love taking care of her. When Baby Alive is "hungry," you can mix up some of her special doll food and feed it to her. She really eats, and says fun electronic phrases like, "Mmm, good!" It's time to change her diaper when she says, "Uh-oh, I made a stinky!" When she's tired, she gets drowsy and falls asleep.
Título del ProductoHasbro Baby Alive Doll with Accessories Caucasian
Power Score3.7 | 12 Reviews
Additional Specifications
Tipo de Producto: Muñecas
Dirección Web de Fabricante:
ASIN Amazon Item Number: B000HT17XS
Género: Female
Theme: babies & moms, kitchen & cooking
Edad: 03, 04, 05, 06

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Reseñas sobre Hasbro Baby Alive Doll with Accessories Caucasian

  • 5
  Por el miembro: kimmeyj - Dec 15, 2009

Baby Alive Doll is Great

Puntos Fuertes: Fun to play with. Easy to play with. Kids enjoy it for hours. Quality is good.

Puntos Débiles: Replacing the food and diapers can be very expensive.

I love the Baby Alive Doll. I remember having one back in the 70's when I was a little girl. Back then it was much thinner but it was still cute and fun to play with. I believe Hasbro has done a really great job of redoing the doll. They seem to have made it easier to handle for the small kids. I like the fact that it comes with so many accessories too. This is a toy that I love to give as a gift...

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  • 2
  Por el miembro: torvis - Dec 30, 2007

Waste of money

Puntos Fuertes: Does "eat and poop" and she is sturdy

Puntos Débiles: VERY MESSY, her face is made of a material that stains immediately and can't be washed off, bad hair job-EXPENSIVE

This is the only gift my daughter asked for from Santa. She has played with it a total of 10 minutes since Christmas. The food is soooo messy. Awful to clean up-so not worth touting. Our baby alive is not allowed to eat-anyone want to buy a used baby alive? Don't waste your money.

  • 4
  Por el miembro: dscottdark - Jan 19, 2007

Hasbro Baby Alive Doll with Accessories Caucasian

Puntos Fuertes: Does everything advertised

This thing was a big hit at our Christmas Family gathering. The little kids laughed and the adults laughed at the kids laughing. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  • 3
  Por el miembro: bbartley7 - Jan 4, 2007

Baby Alive

Puntos Fuertes: Interaction

Puntos Débiles: Too stiff

My daughter loved her Baby Alive she got for Christmas but has quickly grown tired of her. She said she "ran her legs off taking care of her". (LOL) I have no complaints about the doll except perhaps her being too "stiff". My daughter likes to cuddle her "babies". So far the doll has worked very well and does everything that the box says she does. All stores were sold out when I went to get one...

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: DebbieSimpson - Jan 2, 2007

Baby Alive

Puntos Fuertes: Doll it cute. Makes little girls feel like they are really taking care of a real baby.

This is an adorable doll. My granddaughter takes it with here everywhere. Love the big eyes. BIG HIT! I was unable to find it in any store but, Price Grabber had it. It was delivered within 4 days.

  • 4
  By anonymous - Dec 26, 2006

baby alive

Puntos Fuertes: simple enough for my six year old to operate on her own. makes simple requests that my daughter can respond to and play along with. my daughter is very happy with this doll.

Puntos Débiles: they should mention the doll will need additional accessories. comes with 2 diapers, that are not reusable, and four packetts of food. would like to see an even ratio of diapers to food.

Overall very satisfied with the product. it is much better than other interactive dolls we had purchased in the past. The doll makes simple basic request that my six year old can respond to very easily without the help of an adult. Would like it if the doll had an even ration of food packets to diapers as the diaper are not reusable.

  • 4
  Por el miembro: bridgetnall - Dec 26, 2006

Baby Alive

Puntos Fuertes: works just as it said

Puntos Débiles: none that we have found yet

My 5 year old is THOROUGHLY enjoying her "real baby"!!! We couldn't ask for more than those shining eyes on Christmas morning. That is the ONLY present she asked Santa for, how could we refuse!!!

  • 5
  By anonymous - Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Puntos Fuertes: She has such a sweet voice and my daughter wanted nothing else. Teaches responsibility skills such as feeding, changing, and giving attention

Puntos Débiles: Yes they were hard to find but that just goes to show you that they are something children want.

The doll has amazing facial characteristics, she actually looks happy and sad. Her voice is sweet and my daughter hasn't put her down since she opened her this morning. It was a wonderful investment and I'm glad we got it.

  • 1
  Por el miembro: gbsly - Dec 19, 2006

Baby Alive

Puntos Fuertes: Mechanically does not work properly as advertised.

Puntos Débiles: malfunction

Not totally pleased with the functions the doll is suppose to perform. A shame there are not enough BLACK dolls on the shelves hard to find black Baby Alive doll. Had to go outside state and found only 1 during my search.

  • 4
  By anonymous - Dec 19, 2006

Baby alive doll

This doll can be found at MOST stores if you look hard enough. I had a hard time at first finding her, I waited in line at Target in the freezing cold weather to get one and now I have seen them at Target, K Mart and a few other stores. Dont be fooled and think there are none left and pay BIG money for this doll, you can get her for about fourty dollars at most stores.

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