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Hasbro Nerf Two-Person Dart Tag Set

MPN: 61579 Ver Detalles del Producto

Detalles del Producto Hasbro Nerf Two-Person Dart Tag Set

Sneak up on your friends on fire away with Velcro-tipped darts.
Título del ProductoHasbro Nerf Two-Person Dart Tag Set
Power Score3.9 | 3 Reviews
Additional Specifications
Dirección Web de Fabricante:
ASIN Amazon Item Number: B00083HJ3A
Género: Male
Game Type: game sets
Edad: 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

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Reseñas sobre Hasbro Nerf Two-Person Dart Tag Set

  • 5
  Por el miembro: robind30 - Dec 19, 2007

Another toy for the parents... I mean, kids!

Puntos Fuertes: Fast, long shots

Puntos Débiles: Dart replacement cost

Nerf Dart Tag is as much fun for parents as it is for kids. I love this toy because it keeps my son even more active and provides us with some entertainment. The darts actually stick to the vests and the glasses cover the eyes well enough to prevent any eyes from getting poked out. I do wish the vests were a bit larger so adults could wear them, but it's easy enough to rig them. This is one of my...

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  • 4
  Por el miembro: mendymatt - Sep 18, 2005

Awesome Toy

Puntos Fuertes: great aiming , and far shooting. Comes with protective eyeware which also makes it nice

Puntos Débiles: Needs darts replaced alot because of losing them

My children love this toy, I highly recommend it for anyone. The kids spend hours on this game and because of the vest they are more apt to aim for that and not the face. They really like this one. I have to order more darts but that is ok because it is well worth it!!!

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  • 2.8
  - Dec 14, 2010

Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Set

The Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Set is exactly what it sounds like. This set comes with everything needed for 2 people to play the 15 variations of Dart Tag, which are explained in the included in the special instruction booklet. The set comes with a red and blue Dart Tag blaster which can fire 10 darts from its self advancing rotating barrel, 20 tagger micro darts, a red and blue adjustable scoring...

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