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5 Star Review Good things are always hard to find. This is a great find.


FarmerBob - (August 24, 2006) This is the best piece of audio gear I have purchased in a long time. It doesn't look like much, but does it perform. For years I have dreamed of archiving and having my vinyl on CD or as digital files. My good tables are long gone and my beaters are dead. This setup makes it so very easy. I have only used the USB connection, but it also has RCA with an onboard preamp with line switching and gain. This will make it easy to hook up to just about any system. It also has a stereo mini jack on the front to feed in a tape player or the like. This only works if hooked up via USB. The provided software, Audacity (Freeware) is OK (I got V1.2.5, the manual is for 1.2.4, and 1.3 is on its way), a

4 Star Review Good turntable - fair software


larriemac - (August 05, 2007) I have been trying to convert an extensive collection of vinyl LPs to digital music, both to burn CDs and load on my hard disk. Using my turntable with simple audio output (not line out) did not work. It actually fried my audio card. This looked like an ideal solution. Most reviews criticized the software, but I am using Magix's Audio Cleaning Lab so I didn't think the software would be a problem. installed the free Audacity software ver 1.2.4 on my desktop PC (Pavilion, 3.0 Gig Pentium IV, 1.5 Gig DDRAM and 120 Gig hard disk, running Windows XP SP2.) The install was easy and the instructions for setting up the sound card were easy. The first side of the first LP went fine. After that

4 Star Review TTUSB Record Turntable (Belt Drive)


btheile - (March 19, 2007) My wife loves this new toy... and has copied most of her classical collecion to disc... and is now copying my jazz and some more popular musicals and popular music...

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Great item!

Rach - (04/06/13) Easy to set up an simple to use

5 Star Review Exactly what I wanted

CurlyQ - (14/05/13) I bought this to be used as a record player that can be easily plugged in to a sound system. It works perfectly! The player is easy to use, small, and the speaker is really solid considering the size. The only reason we use the sound system is to amplify

5 Star Review Easy to use w/ surprisingly great qualit

DBLP - (10/05/13) I bought this turntable to be used primarily as a record player with the option to easily connect to a computer and sound system. It's exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use (turn it on and the table spins when the arm is lifted) and the sound is sur

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