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Instrumentos Musicales Comentarios

Comentarios más Utiles

5 Star Review NS-777 Speaker - 3-way - Black (30 Hz to 35 kHz - 6 Ohm)


pengwin66 - (October 20, 2004) I was able to put together an entire Yamaha Home Theater system working with on-line vendors. Sounds cheap right......wrong! I purchased Yamaha's HTR-5660 receiver, which puts out a modest 85 watts RMS across 6 channels. Yamaha has always had a reputation for top quality electronics, at all price points. However, speakers were never their forte. Then came the new NS and HX series speakers in 2003. The center piece of my system is two NS-777's mated with a Yamaha SW315 subwoofer. I also have a Yamaha NS-C444 front center channel speaker and two NS-333's in the rear. I have not yet purchased a rear center channel. This system is awesome. All the speakers are tone/voice matched and

3 Star Review Good basic digital piano


pughimag - (March 10, 2006) I have owned this piano for over a year and I like the touch and the sound so it has been good for practice. I recently used it for Ivory pianos and I found the noisy keys to be distracting. Also, when I was on a gig I would have to use the headphone jacks to connect to a PA system. I gave the P-70 to my grand daughter to help her with her lessons and went to the P-155 which unfortunately is heavier but does not have the noisy keys and the other features I feel are important. I would still recommend this piano (or the P95) because Yamaha have done a great job with the feel and the sound for a reasonable price.

5 Star Review Great Buy


Bargugl - (February 07, 2006) If you are looking for an inexpensive practice piano or a very lightweight portable stage piano, this is an excellent buy. You simply can not buy a fully weighted 88-key keyboard for less than this. You will not find a better action or sound for less than $1000. This piano is the replacement for the Casio PX-100 and its main improvements are an improved action and an improved piano sound. The action is heavier than the old PX-100. It is also a heavier action than the Korg Triton or an old Roland I play at church. In my opinion, the action was more realistic than either the Roland or the old PX-100. Compared to the Korg, it is a toss-up as it is a matter of personal taste on what type of f

Ultimas Reseñas

4 Star Review uma dúvida

Kleber O RodriguesYoung675 - (06/03/14) primeiro como faço para comprar não estou entendendo bem a forma. segundo é uma boa marca e tem bons violões

4 Star Review Content EXP440

Anonymous User - (21/09/13) Excellent compact stand-alone unit. However, it has largely been overtaken by Hauptwerk.

5 Star Review makes you more versatel

Anonymous - (15/09/13) with this unit it allows you to remotely fire other flash units at very little cost. you can add these to as many lites as you have ,and don't have as many problems that you would have with other trigger units.

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