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Bocinas para Sonido en Vivo - Opiniones sobre Productos

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5 Star Review Incredible for the $$$


chuckken - (October 27, 2006) I was stunned when I took these out of the box!...They are gorgeous! and they sound as good as my M60 Axiom towers...If you are on a budget and want speakers that look and sound like you spent thousands BUY THESE!...You won't regret it!...They're awesome!

5 Star Review Peavey QW218 Dual 18" Subwoofer


dcarlock - (December 13, 2005) I bought four of these bad boys but quickly found out there aren't any venues in Phoenix that can hendle that much output. In fact even outdoors, I only take two and still get requests to turn it down. Yes they are heavey, but the cabs are built like tanks and do not have the vibrations that robs output from the speakers. Other companies are using thinner cabs that are "reinforced" and even boast about it, but I haven't heard anything for twice the price that can out perform these QW's. Also, the QW 2 mains are silky smooth and do not peel the skin of your face even when the system is pumping your chest and internal organs. Love 'em!

5 Star Review NS-777 Speaker - 3-way - Black (30 Hz to 35 kHz - 6 Ohm)


pengwin66 - (October 20, 2004) I was able to put together an entire Yamaha Home Theater system working with on-line vendors. Sounds cheap right......wrong! I purchased Yamaha's HTR-5660 receiver, which puts out a modest 85 watts RMS across 6 channels. Yamaha has always had a reputation for top quality electronics, at all price points. However, speakers were never their forte. Then came the new NS and HX series speakers in 2003. The center piece of my system is two NS-777's mated with a Yamaha SW315 subwoofer. I also have a Yamaha NS-C444 front center channel speaker and two NS-333's in the rear. I have not yet purchased a rear center channel. This system is awesome. All the speakers are tone/voice matched and

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Perfect for Me!

Yamaha Fan - (31/08/13) An awesome, great looking soundbar. If you want true surround sound, buy a surround sound system!! If you really like nice, enhanced sound from your television without all the extra speakers and wiring then this is for you. Highs are clear, midrange good, and there is a definite bass presence (I had my doubts about going without a sub woofer - but don't miss it at all). We remodeled and rather than connect my Yamaha surround sound system with all that wiring (5 speakers + sub woofer) I opted for this sound bar and am totally satisfied. Also very easy to program - my television remote controls on/off and volume functions for both TV and Sound bar. Also, our TV is in a wall unit so sound bar sits on top, 18" above TV. Works great as sound spills into the room and bass is amplified by wall unit.

5 Star Review works with wireles Sonos speakers too!

Scotty - (18/08/13) Very happy with the great sound when connected to our outdoor (patio) TV with the optical cable supplied. Best news is that we also successfully connected the YAS as a component of our Sonos system (using the STB line)so now we have great sound both inside and outside the home.

5 Star Review So far, so good.....

Jazznruby - (12/08/13) This is a direct comparison between the two soundbars my husband and I recently tried, and why we kept the Yamaha YAS-101. I don't want to go on and on, so suffice to say the Yamaha wins, hands down. After trying and returning three (3), yes three! different JBLs, (same model) thinking each one was defective, we concluded that it was the unit in general that just wasn't performing to the standard we were expecting, given the brand and the many positive reviews we'd read beforehand. We then purchased the Yamaha, and have been extremely pleased with its performance in every way. First of all, the big negative with JBL is the remote control. It's cheaply made and works only intermittently (at best) - very frustrating. The light indicators (such as they are) are located on top of the unit, making it difficult to see when one has the thing positioned on a mantle above the TV. Granted, ours is an unusual configuration, but that's another story. The lights on the Yamaha are on the front of the soundbar and very easy to see and monitor; and said lights are much more functional than the JBL's. They actually "tell" you what's happening when you're using the remote. Dolby is better on the Yamaha. It has Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic. (We weren't receiving Dolby Digital when it was connected to the TV, but took some online advice I found and reconnected from DirecTV box to sound bar, using the optical digital cable, and we're now getting Dolby Digital for all broadcasts. HDMI cable is from TV to DirectTV.) Re: sound...with boosted bass (subwoofer) set at highest level, great sound for a small to medium sized room - far superior to TV speakers (and the JBL) which, after all, is why most of us buy this in the first place. Bottom line - unless Bluetooth is important to you (wasn't for us, since we have internet music through our audio receiver and built in ceiling speakers), buy the Yamaha. Dollar for dollar and the MSRP dollars are the same for these two models, you're getting a much better engineered, better looking, all around better unit with the Yamaha. And guess what? THE REMOTE WORKS! - consistently and well. After about 6 weeks of JBL frustration, we're now very happy campers!

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