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3 Star Review fully blown mpc 2500 field test


dabest - (January 23, 2006) i bought a mpc 2500 brand new out the box from guitar center in atlanta ga. and the f3 and f4 softkeys didn't work so i took it back and got another one. it worked fine so i expanded the memory to 128mb, added a hitachi 80 gig hard drive to it and the cd-m25 cdrw dvd rom drive, this is every option meaning it's fully blown. i also bought a 128mb compact flash card to match the memory. sounds awesome doesn't it!!!but "houston we have a problem!" the cd rom is not for data storage or cd burning, it will not do either of the two at this time (o.s. 1.0). it only reads from the cdrw dvd rom! be clear, it will not save data to the cdrw or record cds of your beats for you to play in your stereo. th

4 Star Review Seems like a great deal!


dailydisco - (May 01, 2006) I just got the kit today. It seems that no one out there has reviewed it so here goes... I am happy that the rack seems sturdy. The connectors and joints are plastic, but I think it will be ok for casual use and practice. I think it is a good starter kit at least... may work for some kind of band practice or casual gig, though I don't know if it could stand multiple teardowns. The same could probably be said for other more expensive kits I imagine. This is my first electric kit though and I feel like it is a good place to start and doesn't cost too much. One hint, though... I put the whole thing together before I realized the kit instructions were in the same bag with the DM5 brain instru

5 Star Review DX MIDI PRO DrumXtreme Kit


Elricko - (December 07, 2004) First off let me say I’m not a drummer. I’m a guitar player who enjoys playing the drums. Using Sonar 3, I do a lot of home recording and got really tired of the canned sound coming from drum machines, sure they have great drum sounds, but there is no “life” in the playing. Not being a drummer I didn’t want to spend $800 and up for a drum kit. So when I saw the Pacific Digital DX series at that price, I decided to give them a try. I bought the DX150 which worked well but wouldn’t allow me to record. So I went back and upgraded to the Midi Pro. The drums do everything I expected them to and much more. The sound module has over 300 drum sounds and a midi out so I can assign the dru

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Tons of space

M. Schulze - (02/07/13) Top comes off, and is secured in place giving you the capability of locking the case.

5 Star Review one of the best products I've run across ever

nomoshoveleing - (14/05/13) Just used for both floor and wall replacement in a 50 year old upstairs bathroom. Couldn't be easier to use. The 3'x5' size is perfect for many jobs, and not too much for one person to handle, even in tight confines. Score and snap easily with a carbide tool - get one and save yourself a lot of trouble. Can be scored in a pinch with a razor, but that is a lot more work. Snapping off thin strips is a mechanical problem, either score both sides very deeply, or cut with a saw. Cuts like cardboard with a jigsaw and carbide blade, but wear a good breather mask - the dust is truly awful - a health hazard. I even 'plunged' the jigsaw to start a circular cutout for the toilet drain without drilling a starter hole, because I'm that lazy. Edges can be dressed easily with a rasp, but again, the dust ... No need to pre-drill or countersink screws - they make their own way in just fine, leaving just a little pile of dust behind. That makes a huge difference in the amount of work. Use the right screws for the job. Sunk a couple hundred of them for the whole project, and the board never chipped or cracked. The old plywood floor was never too solid, and had some water damage that would have become serious if not treated. I screwed the plywood down tight onto the joists, and laid this 1/2" cement board over it with thinset and a lot more screws. The result is a new floor that is the most solid in the entire upstairs - you'd think it was a concrete slab. Perfect to tile over. Both thinset and mastic stick to it like ... well ... glue. For the floor, I put the rough side up, thinking maybe the tiles would adhere that much better, while the smooth side is pinned down into the mortar below by all the screws. As another reviewer noted, this board is not a true 1/2 inch thick, it is a bit thinner. The total additional height of the new floor plus ceramic tiles minus the old plastic tiles is about 3/4". Needed a taller toilet ring, and a hot-water heating baseboard had to be removed, modified, and then reinstalled higher, as well as all floor moldings replaced. Approximately 33 square feet of flooring required about 20 pounds of thinset, mixed in 2 batches, and about 10 pounds of grout. I'm guessing I used about 200 screws, but when I realized I had way to many and couldn't return them, I overkilled that part of the job. I pity anyone that someday has to take this floor apart. The company's installation video is terrific - watch it!

5 Star Review great for shower and walls above tubs

DrDan - (07/05/13) product is great, never had a problem or any call backs after using this,easy to cut with a utility knife or skill saw, easy to install, good for tileing.

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