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Philips 42PFL5332D 42" LCD TV

Reseñas para

42" - 16:9 - HDTV - MPN: 42PFL5332D37

  • 4
  Por el miembro: Jiggatyj - Jan 12, 2008

Philips 42inch LCD HDTV really hits home.

Puntos Fuertes: -fantastic HD pcture quality -The colors are sharp -audio is just right -Swivel stand -"Active scale" feature (autosyncs to the best picture format automatically -simple interface and remote

Puntos Débiles: -Sometimes, the colors appear just a tad too sharp -takes a few seconds to power on

I've been very happy with the picture quality. I can adjust the color to my taste and the high definition comes out looking absolutely amazing. If you use this right out of the box though, I don't think you will be very happy with the picture quality until you get HD picture quality, that's where this set shines.

The remote control kind of looks and feels like a toy. The nice part is that since it is not too complicated, there really is no used to use it again and again other than volume and to change channels. So just set it up when you first get the TV and then be done with the remote. For those with home theatre systems, you might want to go a universal remote for all your components and replace the TV remote.

I like the active scale feature where the automatically scales the picture to what they think is the best format. Sometimes, it automatically changes the picture randomly, that can get annoying but i figure its just the TV trying to find the best way to display the image.

The installation the comes with the TV and the swivel stand are great. Its really simple to install and the swivel stand is such a nice feature. Once you install the swivel stand, it feels really solid so i wouldn't worry about anything falling over anytime soon.

The tuner does a decent job. Once it locates all of your channels, the HD channels come in nice and sharp. My only gripe is that sometimes, it seems a bit too sharp and it almost looks blurry. I think i can eventually get rid of this if i just play with the initial install some more.

This philips TV also takes a few seconds to turn itself on from the time that you hit the power button. This was something that i did not know when i saw this at bestbuy. We just looked at the TV quality and went with it. We never bothered to turn the TV on and off. If you don't mind the delay, then this isn't really a weakness. But sometimes, after a long day at work and you just want to watch TV, those 10 seconds can seem like an eternity.

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  • 4
  Por el miembro: sunnyshin - Oct 9, 2007

Philips 42 inch lcd tv

Puntos Fuertes: Great picture quality

Puntos Débiles: more inputs may have been nice

This is my 1st LCD tv, it's 720p (1080i) and is not true HDTV (1080p). It's way better than 32" flat crt tv i've had, in terms of video quality. The built in speakers seems pretty good also.
This tv has 2 hdmi, 1 composite, 2 component, 1 cable, 1 svideo and usb ports. Give that I have many older video sources that has composite out, more composite inputs would have been useful.

All in all, very happy with this tv

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  • 4
  Por el miembro: rjpdigital - Apr 7, 2008

Good HDTV for the Money

Puntos Fuertes: Decent HD picture quality, easy setup, good speaker audio output and quality, very good price, adequate HDMI connections

Puntos Débiles: Picture quality in standard definition is so-so.

I had been looking to replace my 37" LCD HDTV with a bigger screen LCD model, but did not want to break the bank doing it. The Philips 42PFL5332D was the perfect match and the right size for my fireplace mantel location. The price to performance ratio is phenomenal.

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  • 4
  Por el miembro: satzx - Dec 18, 2007

Excellent TV

Puntos Fuertes: Picture Quality Audio is good Good Price

Bought this TV from best buy on a deal for $970. Excellent picture quality. Was leaning towards a 1080P but after reading a lot of info felt that its really not working paying extra bucks for 1080 P as it makes no difference if you are watching the TV from from a distance of 5 or more feet.

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  • 2
  Por el miembro: mcbride0611 - Sep 22, 2007

Be Cautious

Puntos Fuertes: Good technology, picture looks as good as those you'd pay way more for.

Puntos Débiles: Customer Support

I bought this TV at the end of June, and already have a dead pixel. Its under warranty; however, when I called Phillips they said I would have to have more than 12 Pixels out spread across the entire TV or have more than 6 pixels out grouped together for them to do anything about it. So, they warranty it, but have fixed the warranty parameters to screw their customers who have only "slight" problems.

I'll never buy another Phillips product again.

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: spartanz - Jan 5, 2008

My first LCD TV

Puntos Fuertes: Awesome brightness and great feature

Puntos Débiles: The color sometimes can be a little bit 2 sharp

I really love my this TV, its the 1st LCD tv I have
So far its been a great TV, its got a lot of feature, easy to use and of course the amazing brightness

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  • 1
  By anonymous - Dec 18, 2007

Buyer Beware

Puntos Débiles: Plenty

Purchased in Sept 07 and day one, pixel out. Returned to store for exchange. Week 2, same pixel goes out and restores when channel is changed. Was dealing with problem until TV completely shut down in December. Blue power light comes on for a second then goes out and blinking red light comes on. Phillips customer service recommends service call. Service company can't schedule for at least 3 weeks. Never-the less, I will NOT buy a Phillips product again.

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  • 1.9
  - Jul 16, 2008

philips 42pfl5332d 42 in. lcd television

Philips 42pfl5332d 42 In. Lcd Television receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 1.55 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #289 LCD flat panel TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features,...

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  • 3.0
  - Jan 10, 2010

Best Display Philips Flat Panel TV

Display is Average according to 1 Flat Panel TV experts. -- "the picture is clean and razor sharp." -- "offers the unique combination of ultimate sharpness, natural detail, vivid colors and smooth natural motion on all qualities of HD, standard TV signals, and multimedia content." -- "bright, lifelike picture" Read more...

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