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Panasonic KXTG6074B Cordless Phone System (5.8GHz)

Puntos Fuertes: Great phone and looks clean. Reception is very good.

Puntos Débiles: None.

Panasonic makes great phones and this is no exception. It is very convenient that phone systems are now packaged with multiple handsets. This can be very helpful for the rooms that do not have an existing phone jack. Also, with today's VOIP technology, you can use a self-install VOIP modem and connect just the base to it, allowing multiple handsets to be used without connecting them to phone jacks.
Also, since the Panasonic phone operates on the 5.8 GHz frequency, this allows the phone to not interfere with Wireless Internet technologies, such as 802.11b,g.

Por snaina - Dec 9, 2007

Outstanding Phone and Easy to Use

Puntos Fuertes: Easy set up of special features and clear signal.

Puntos Débiles: None so far.

A great phone package to get if you need multiple handsets. We need a phone in each room and now we have it!! Each phone has a speakerphone capability which we use on a daily basis. Also, the dial pad with speakerphone on the base is a great plus for conference calls, or while you are on hold. This phone also allows you to not only program phone numbers into its "phone book", but it also gives you the option to give specific numbers a special ring tone or color light to let you know who is calling.

Overall, a great phone that is very affordable!!

Por YodaYu - Jan 10, 2008

Works as expected !

Puntos Fuertes: The phone is very reliable. Panasonic phones are the best phones in the market.

Puntos Débiles: The speakerphone and the volume levels are not as loud as I wish they were.

The reception is crystal clear, even on the speaker phones. The batteries seem to last for days, even after the phone is used and left off the charger. They are NiMH, so you can recharge at will, no memory problems. The answering machine is easy to use. The buttons so far seem to be solid.

Por tarekzoha - Jan 4, 2008

KXTG6074B okay but not great

Puntos Fuertes: 4 handsets, good volume adjustment range, loud and clear

Puntos Débiles: too basic answering machine

The Panasonic KXTG6074B phone system is okay but not great. The phones are easy to use and program even if you have not used similar phones before because the menus and buttons are self explanatory. The phones are loud and clear with a good volume adjustment range. The answering machine is really basic. It does not display the number of messages; it only lights up the play button. I used to have a less sophisticated answering machine that had a LED display for number of messages, so I am disappointed that this one does not.

Por hungmaniac - Dec 23, 2007

Best cordless phone for this price point. 4 headsets. Panasonic quality

Puntos Fuertes: 4 headsets. 5.8 GHz frequency. Good price. Panasonic quality

Puntos Débiles: Keypad not backlit

This is my 4 phone purchase and so far I am extremely pleased. I paid $100 at amazon and at this price I got 4 headset. The base has dual keypad. The quality is very good. Each headset has its own speakerphone and its very convenient during conferencing. Manual is very good and detailed. I wish the keypads were backlit but what else I could ask for this price. Voice prompt for caller ID is very very good and accurate.

Overall very good phone set for this price. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a multiset phone.

Por reemagupta - Dec 9, 2007

clear 5.8 phone

Puntos Fuertes: expandable units, speakerphone on base unit. answer machine. speaking caller id.

Puntos Débiles: No message counter on answer machine.

I had this phone for a few weeks. The phone works great. Answer machine is pretty simple. But does not contain a counter for how many message received.

You can intercom the phones if you need. These phones typically come with pager to find the lost handset.

The best part about this phone is the talking caller ID. You can have it speak the name of the person calling or use ringtones to identify the caller. Pretty neat.

Overall the phone has typical features and nothing that stands out. If the price was more pursuading I would get this otherwise, i would suggest checking out the new Dect6.0

Por caicom98 - Dec 7, 2007

Great cordless phone from Panasonic

Puntos Fuertes: Great features. Clear voice, reasonable operating range, long battery stand-by, 4 handsets with intercom features.

Puntos Débiles: No lighted keypad on handset.

The quality of the phone is great as its maker’s name “Panasonic”. This phone comes with a digital answering machine. The voice from the digital answering machine is very clear. Operation and setup are easy. The sound is very clear. All handsets are able to talk with each other so it’s very good for use in a big house with build-in intercom feature. The phone has been improved in many ways so it has longer talking time and stand-by time. We had another 5.8GHz Panasonic phone, which has lighted keypad good for night use, however this one does not have the feature.

Por xmliu92 - Nov 28, 2007

Great Phone

Puntos Fuertes: 4 phones Clear sound

Puntos Débiles: None so far

Great phone system. Can have one in each room. Conferencing is a great feature without shouting down the stairs. Would recommend this phone. Has nice features such as ring tone and multicolor flashing display

Por dhsu01 - Oct 28, 2007

Nice for the price

Puntos Fuertes: Lots of interesting features

Puntos Débiles: Not a good choice if you plan to wall mount the base unit

No phone lines needed for the satellite hand sets. Talking caller ID is an interesting feature. You can change the color of the handset display from amber to red or green. Had a hard time getting the system to pick up while trying to call in to check messages from a remote location. I don't recommend the phone if you are planning on wall mounting the base. Sticks straight out like a shelf and is up very high. You will walk or stand up into it. You wont be able to see the keypad unless you are 6' tall.

Por SLAMPLOW - Oct 26, 2007

Good phone system

Puntos Fuertes: Small form, good speakerphone quality, decent price for 4 phones

Puntos Débiles: Display a bit smaller than previous model, headset jack levels a little lower

Decided to get this set of phones instead of buying an extra handset for a previous smaller set of Panasonic phones. Just seemed more cost efficient to get a full, new set since the single handsets were so expensive.

Phones are a bit smaller than my previous Panasonics, but still nice quality. There's no antenna on this model.

Sound quality is acceptable, especially on the speaker phone. Very loud/clear.

The headset jack comes in handy and works well. To me, it sounds a bit more dull than my previous Panasonics, but it's not horrible or anything.

The actual display screen is smaller, so it doesn't display all the information as my previous model (such as phone number + name when reviewing calls in memory). However, you can hit a "Select" button to show the complete info, or it will auto-scroll on its own if you stare at it.

The voice caller ID is a nice feature and was also on my previous set and works just as decently on this set. No problems with it.

Overall a nice set of phones at a good price.

Por blackcapten - Nov 3, 2007

Cordless Phone

Puntos Fuertes: Many features and good design for less money

Puntos Débiles: No multi voltage for the power supply on the main and the other stations.

It is a very good phone what you can use at your home or in the office. I used it since four weeks in my house and had
no problems at all.

Por feuer - Oct 13, 2007


Puntos Fuertes: lots of fancy bells and whistles, which provide useless fluff

Puntos Débiles: Call waiting caller ID is not supported on the base station of ANY Panasonic phone.

Beware!! Call waiting caller ID is not supported on the base station of ANY Panasonic phone, per Panasonic’s support staff, although their misleading documentation and advertisings says it does. When I first called Panasonic customer service to report this defect the tech told me he would look into solving my problem, he thought call waiting caller ID should work on the base station, then he came back and told me that NO Panasonic cordless phone base stations support call waiting caller ID. This was echoed by his supervisor. This is the most important feature to me, as I spend 8 hours or more a day in conferences on the speaker phone and must have call waiting caller ID. Now instead of replacing my older phones with this new system, I am still using a fairly old Panasonic competitor’s phone which supports this simple basic feature.

Por happyjogger6; - Nov 19, 2007

KXTG6074 cordless phone

Puntos Fuertes: Signal strength. Not intermittent throughout the house.

Puntos Débiles: Doesn't flash to alert when new voice mail is present like other models.

I returned another similar Panasonic model only because it did not have a headset jack. Quality of other features seemed to be equal. I stayed away from the new DECT phones due to reports of poor signal strength. Very pleased with these 5.8 GHz phones, but they are unfortunately on their way out. Maybe DECT will eventually be perfected.

Por gowens3262 - Sep 11, 2008

Great wireless phone with long range

Puntos Fuertes: Can use anywhere around the house; phones don't interfere with wireless router signal unlike my last wireless phone; fantastic reception, loud ringer

Puntos Débiles: handsets could be louder, no call-waiting caller ID

So far, so good. Handset volume should go a little louder, some people out there have phones with low volumes when you speak to them. :-( I receive no interference from taxi radios communications when they pass by, nor from my wireless router.

Por Ryle - May 30, 2008