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Motorola L6 basic Cell Phone for sale by

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Estilo de teléfono: Candy Bar

Tecnología Móvil de Conectividad de Datos: Enhanced Message Service (EMS), GPRS

Thunderbolt: USB - Universal Serial Bus, Bluetooth

Características de teléfono: Email, Integrated Camera, Integrated MP3 Player, Java, Video Capture, Video Playback


Título del Producto: Motorola L6 Cell Phone

Fabricante: Motorola

Precio Más Bajo: US$47.95 from MobileCellMart

Power Score: 3.8 | 5 Reviews

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motorla l6

Puntos Fuertes: it's good

Puntos Débiles: my ear piece broke

my ear piece broke and i've only had the phone for three mouths and the same thing happend to my brothers friends l6 whitch is not a very good thing and i see a lot of people have got the l6 now i know 3 people that have it

Por GrantHolm1 - Feb 27, 2007

L6 Phone Is A Winner To Me

Puntos Fuertes: - Ease Of Use - Ergonomics - Battery Life - Size - Speaker Phone Works Great - Features

Puntos Débiles: - Dust accumulating between the lens and the LCD screen. I keep it in my pants pocket all the time so it's a lint prone environment. It's not an issue. Just something to note.

It's my first non-flip cell phone, ever. I wondered how I'd like it. It took a couple weeks to get used to. I've loved it since. I'm a 47 year old guy. It's thin size makes for easy front pants pocket storage. I wear blue jeans most often and I have to check to see if it's there. I quickly got used to it's shape. I wondered if it would be too thin to handle properly, but it's just fine. The dual...
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Por ron_dittmer - May 9, 2006

The L6

Puntos Fuertes: Style. Ease of operation. Cost.

Puntos Débiles: External memory incompatibility Applications downloading not provided. More features could have been provided.

Hello The L6 is a sleek phone, elegant and easy to carry. The length of the phone could be reduced or if it is to be maintained like this, the display could have been bigger. TFT would have been cool. The battery backup is not as good as the other Moto phones. Downloadable applications could have been provided and adding memory card could have been added as the feature as competitors in other...
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Por Olivemind75 - Feb 14, 2006

Everyone who has seen this phone picked it up to play with it

Puntos Fuertes: Small sleek. Battery seems very good on standby (it lasted 5 days). Can charge your phone using a 'standard' usb cable (one that fits a digitial camera).

Puntos Débiles: No software with the phone for syncing with your computer. No headset! Keys are a little small.

My version of this L6 phone came straight from Motorola so no service provider bells and whistles were installed. There is nothing in the box except the phone and charger, not even a headset. In fact, I am not even sure if you can connect a headset to this phone-it has no seperate socket! The L6 has only one socket - a small usb socket. This is fantastic because if you have a usb lead from...
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By anonymous; - Jan 12, 2006

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By - Oct 22, 2008

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