AT&T Samsung Galaxy Appeal i827 Prepaid Cellphone

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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Appeal i827 Prepaid Cellphone


Título del Producto: AT&T Samsung Galaxy Appeal i827 Prepaid Cellphone

Fabricante: AT&T

Power Score: 3.3 | 29 Reviews

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What's the point of this phone?

I had read the reviews about this particular phone's battery life, or lack thereof, but figured, "Hey, I'm just going to use it for texting and minimal talking. How bad can it be?" The answer: very bad. I had the phone die on me one day after receiving one text, making one call that lasted approx. 10 seconds and receiving one call that lasted approx. 10 seconds. This is a joke. I went back to my...
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Por Nowhereman726 on AT&T - Jun 20, 2013

upgrade from a Fusion refurb

I've had mine for a week, after having a refurbished Fusion. A little tougher to navigate, but built in memory is greater, plenty of memory to go. Data may go faster because of all the syncronization that is possible so I am moving to ensure that I only download data at home over the wi fi or until I want to check my Sharebuilder account and news. I liked the pull down from the top access for...
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Por Pasmurf on AT&T - Jun 8, 2013

Memory, battery, and time hogger.

Overall the phone was pretty good while it lasted. It had minor app glitches but those were fixable. The storage memory is what didn't cut it for me.

Por Soul19 on AT&T - May 24, 2013

Good Phone For Price and Lack of Plan

Considering it is a Go Phone, the quality is not going to be top. Part of the price you pay for staying off a contract. But for a basic smart phone this is wonderful. I do not know why everyone is complaining about battery life, mine lasts all day no problem unless I use it heavily. Never had it die on me, even when I spent 8 hours at work listening to Pandora! Great app selection, and fairly...
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Por Eevee on AT&T - May 20, 2013

Basically a good phone, but don't expect too much

After dealing with contracts for many years and paying way too much for monthly service with another provider I decided to come back to AT&T but decided on the prepaid GoPhone plan, and, overall I am glad I did. Let's get the bad portion of this review out of the way first. I am on my second Galaxy Appeal, I bought my first Appeal in late November 2012, and I exchanged my first Appeal in less...
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Por TaurusTheMoose on AT&T - May 11, 2013

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