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  • 5
  Por el miembro: rushhound - Nov 17, 2007

Best XM Radio to date

Puntos Fuertes: Beautiful color screen that can be split for different views. 60 minute DVD type capabilities. Compact without being too small.

Puntos Débiles: None!

I have been an XM subsciber for over 4 years now and can't imagine not having it. This is the third radio I have owned and it is definitely the best! It looks great and sounds even better. The 60 minute song replay is awesome. My SkyFi 2 had 30 minutes. Hookup is painless. Can't imagine having to pay to have this installed. I was fortunate that my car has an aux input so I can't comment on the cassett adapter of FM modulator but they are both included if you need to hook it up via this method. I also purchased the home kit so I can plug it into my home stereo set up. Bottom line is if you are looking for the best option for XM for use in your car and home this is THE one to get!

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: sarfdawg - Dec 10, 2007


Puntos Fuertes: Feature rich, very nice color display

Puntos Débiles: Small buttons, but nothing major.

I have had this device for about 3 days, but I have put several hours adjusting, setting, customizing all that I can find on it. I have been more than pleased with what I've noticed. I'm going to just fire away as I think of it, and if it's a bit of a jumbled mess, I apologize...

First, the display: The screen can be split into two windows or one big window with all the infomation, all in color. The XM icons are in color with each channel having cool backgrounds that are very neat and a great improvement over any other XM receiver. The screen isn't huge, but it's still fairly large relatively speaking. That said, be careful where you mount the display. I have mine near my gear shifter, and it's a little hard to see in split screen mode. If you have space near your dash, you're set.

Secondly, the sound: I was very concerned that this unit would sound sort of average as a plug and play. I have mine using an auxiliary input on my head unit, and I think this is a must. I was debating between using an FM modulator or FM direct connection, and I used an auxiliary adapter for my JVC head unit. I was told the auxiliary adapter would give a more rich sound, and this was correct. I can't see the FM Modulators getting it done. By the way, you have to use either a cassette adapter or a direct connection of some kind because this unit does not wirelessly transmit an FM signal to the head unit on a specific frequency.

Next, the features. The 60-second rewind is a nice feature for obvious reasons. I discovered something else that makes this different than what people think is good about TiVo (the TV counterpart). On a TiVo or any other DVR, you can rewind live TV back an hour or so as long as you stay on one channel. On the XpressRC, you can rewind for an hour but it will rewind for an hour regardless of what channel you were on. So if you jump around on your channels, you will be able to hear several songs back regardless of how many channels you've visited.

Another feature is the TuneSelect feature where you get to save a particular artist or a specific song to your favorites list. If either the artist or the specific song comes on anywhere on XM, you will be alerted with a very unobtrusive tone, and you can hit the XM button to switch to that channel where your artist or song is. It is in the documentation that you can actually save 10 songs in their entirety and recall them at any time. I have yet to do that, but that would be another fantastic feature.

GameSelect allows you to input your favorite teams in virtually any college or pro sport, and when those teams are playing, you will again be alerted and you can switch to that channel.

Lastly, the layout of the buttons on the unit. The buttons are a bit small, and it's a little difficult to work with without looking. Be careful, as with any radio, while your automobile is in motion....I know - duh.

Do I recommend this - an absolute "YES!!!"

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: Ordy - Apr 14, 2008


Puntos Fuertes: Outstanding features such as color screen....

Puntos Débiles: Delphi took out the audio input on the "base." Small channel buttons.

Having owned an AudioVox unit for almost 2 yrs, this is a great upgrade. The screen is awesome. Having the ability to back up 60 minutes is great. Overall I am very impressed.

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  • 4
  Por el miembro: BEAUMONT10 - Jun 11, 2008

XM XpressRC... First time Satellite Radio User

Puntos Fuertes: Super easy to install using the cassette adapter included in the box. I have a 98 Ford Explorer that has a factory radio with a cassette, but I realize newer vehicles don't have the cassette.

Puntos Débiles: If you don't have a cassette, you have to purchase an FM Modulator or Sure Connect separately, which I feel should be included in the box because cassettes are becoming obsolete.

Overall, very happy with sound quality, ease of use and variety of commercial free radio! Took THREE phone calls to get it activated properly...they send you a signal to activate it, but I was only getting a couple of stations. Other than that, very pleasant experience and happy thus far.

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: VickiIse - Jan 31, 2008

XM XpressRC Satellite Radio Receiver.

Puntos Fuertes: I love the three channel preview function!

Puntos Débiles: None that I know of

I recently upgraded to the Xpress from the Roady. I bought a AC power supply and use it in the office. I love the three channel preview function. It has many other features, but I

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: swcrowder - Jan 10, 2008

Great radio

Puntos Fuertes: Color screen, sharp graphics, loaded with features

I just picked up the new XM Xpress RC radio, and I love it. Great upgrade from my old Delphi Roady2 I have had for 4 years. This one is loaded with features and I can't think of anything negative to say.

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: deffenbaughc - Dec 19, 2007

New to XM Radio

Puntos Fuertes: Very Easy to setup and use. Display is GREAT!

Puntos Débiles: Built in FM Modulator is very weak. I tried using it on both of my vehicles and the sound quality was very poor. I use a Belkin FM Modulator I used with my IPOD and works fine.

This is a great Receiver! I find the display is awesome! Love the fact it has 60 minute replay feature. How many times have we wished we could rewind to hear what the announcer said. Well now you can. You can also save up to 10 Favorite Songs. The only fault that I can find is that the FM Modulator is very weak.

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  • 5.0
  - Jul 14, 2009

Best In-Car XM Satellite Radio Receiver

Bestcovery experts have rated the Delphi XM XpressRC Satellite Radio Receiver as the Best In-Car XM Satellite Radio Receiver. Bestcovery's experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Click below to see Bestcovery's full review of this product.

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  • 4.7
  - Nov 12, 2008

Delphi XM XpressRC has collected 4 expert reviews for Delphi XM XpressRC and the average expert rating is 93 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.

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