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5 Star Review One Great Blu-ray Player That Does It All


dvdirv - (October 24, 2008) If you're looking for a Blu-ray player that can do it all, check out the Sony BDP-S550 player. It's got a ton of improvements over Sony's (and the competition's) previous models. It can internally decode all 7.1 next-gen audio formats. This is the player that will easily let you play Dolby TrueHD as well as dtsHD Master Audio soundtracks. It is Profile 2.0 capable right out of the box. No upgrades required (at least not right now!). With the built-in network port, upgrades are a snap. Sony's previous players (except the 350) had slow loading times. The 550 is much quicker. You even have the option of a quick start-up mode, even faster than the default standard one which is fast enou

4 Star Review Finally, a Blu-ray Player Reasonably Priced!


dvdirv - (June 21, 2007) Sony has finally come out their second generation Blu-ray player at half the original price of the original! The BDP-S300 is priced at $499.00 which looks like a bargain compared to their previous BDP-S1 model. Besides the cost benefit, what else do you get with this player? Unlike the previous model the S300 can play CDs in addition to DVDs. This player has Dolby TrueHD capability installed. In addition, it seems to load slightly faster than the previous model. Most of the weaknesses are shared by the previous model and Sony has not made any effort to improve on them. Specifically, when you turn the unit off, all memory has disappeared so that when to turn it on next time, you h

5 Star Review LGE BH100


Anonymous - (March 28, 2007) I connected my unit to my Denon AVR 4306 and tested it with both HD DVD and Blu-ray. The player was flawless. It made me run out to the store to buy as many different titles as possible. I am happy I waited for a combo hit the market. Now I have the best of both worlds!

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5 Star Review Test

RaviKumarPatnaik - (18/11/13) Test

5 Star Review Great Product

Anonymous - (07/09/13) Little package, BIG PERFORMANCE. Love the small size, it fit anywhere! 3-D Blueray, Internet (wireless or wired) Great value.

5 Star Review Great Product

Anonymous - (07/09/13) Little package, BIG PERFORMANCE. Love the small size, it fit anywhere! 3-D Blueray, Internet (wireless or wired) Great value.

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