Motorola 12-Mile FRS/GMRS Radios

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A Motorola resolveu colocar a competição totalmente para longe. Com o modelo Talkabout SX700R, o alcance em campo aberto chega a 19km ou 12 milhas! Modelo para utilização em atividades em campo aberto e também para uso na cidade. Com 22 canais diferentes com 99 filtros misturadores, você não ficará preocupado com outras pessoas escutando suas conversas. O Talkabout SX700 utiliza as duas frequências FRS e GMRS.

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Distancia de funcionamiento inalámbrico: 12 miles


Título del Producto: Motorola 12-Mile FRS/GMRS Radios

Fabricante: Motorola

Power Score: 4.2 | 14 Reviews

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Great Features, poor signal

Puntos Fuertes: Great Features on the radio

Puntos Débiles: Signal not as plead

The radio has many great features, options and accesories.
The problem with this radios is that signal does not reach 12 mile as plead. maybe a mile in real world aplications.

By anonymous; - Jun 8, 2007

Good choice....

Puntos Fuertes: Extended range, very clear sound, & quiet talk option awsome....

Puntos Débiles: We need more power transmitions, 2 watts is not bad,In the power there are no limits...

The sound and clarity is excellent, nevertheless to extend the good range of serious operation, I live in a zone with many mountains and valleys, where the communication for the type of topography is something difficult, motorola offers 12 miles with point of view, but where these conditions are not assembled, the best scope is maximum 1 mile approximately, has alerts vibracall, something that...
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By anonymous; - Mar 22, 2007

SX700R is a great radio

Puntos Fuertes: use both rechargeable and AAA batteries, coming with charging stand, relatively long range,clear sound quality

Puntos Débiles: bulky,heavy, can not cover 12 miles.

I bought this two-way radio thinking that my family would be able to use them to communicate during shopping trips. Although they were bulkier and heavier than I expected (the radios looked very small and light when I viewed them on the Internet), the sound quality is very good and all the features are easy to use. I highly recommend this radio.

Por xiaoshe - Mar 7, 2007

Great two-way radios

Puntos Fuertes: Good range, clarity, ease of set up

Puntos Débiles: Obviously won't make it out to 12 miles, a bit tall

Very easy to use and with the included rechargeable batteries, convenient as well. As I mentioned, the radios are a bit tall, but perhaps that's to accommodate the big antennas in the units. Good range as tested, but I didn't even try to use it over a mile away.

Por dcp693 - Feb 16, 2007

SX700 Radios

Puntos Fuertes: Rechargeable, GMRS capable, smaller than Motorola's 8-mile T7200's

Puntos Débiles: AAA-type batteries run out quick, limited range

I have previously owned Motorola's T7200 radios (which were disappointing in their range). After a series of "accidents", I needed to acquire a new set of radios. I mainly use these type of radios for canyoning trips, so there's usually never line of site. I bought these in the hopes that I will get a decent range (at least 1km) out of them. Unfortunately, Motorola let me down again. I wasn't...
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Por reuv - Feb 7, 2007

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