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TI-Nspire Scientific Calculator

Puntos Fuertes: Seems everything to me!

Puntos Débiles: Not sure of that right now, but so far I think the guidebook is difficult to read.

This calculator is very enjoyable to use. It is very applicable for any high school so it should be very highly recommendable for students to use. That is all I can say about it.

Por dac252000 - Feb 17, 2008


Puntos Fuertes: Menu allows for direct choices instead of complicated keystrokes for functions. Compatible with school computers for a better learning experience. Manual is clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Puntos Débiles: None

This is a must have calculator for today's advanced math students. Not overpriced compared to what the calculator can do, and it can do it all.

By anonymous; - Sep 15, 2009


Puntos Fuertes: Large screen, interchangeable key pads.

Puntos Débiles: Screen is no backlit, does not support TI-86 OR 89 functions.

The large screen and the ability to switch keypads were the biggest factors in my purchase. However the capability of this calculator does not go beyond the TI-84. So advance engineering and science students may be out of luck. I also would have wished for a backlit screen since I do most of my calculations at home in bed with the lights dimmed down, but i hope the next models support both these features. Overall, a very useful calculator.

Por GASTURBO1 - Nov 22, 2008

TI-Nspire Scientific Calculator Review

Puntos Fuertes: Product was as advertised.

Puntos Débiles: None

We received the product and it was exactly as advertised - new in the box. The product is working as required and we are very happy with our purchase. Thank you very much.

Por slamm776 - Oct 31, 2008

TI-Nspire Scientific Calculator

Puntos Fuertes: Lots of functions and abilities

Puntos Débiles: No real good instruction on how to use those functions

The TI-Nspire needs a better guidebook in order for people to really see it's potential. I spend most of my time trying to guess my way around the functions since there is no real guidebook and little instruction on the internet.

By anonymous; - Oct 7, 2008

The new TI calculator

Puntos Fuertes: Screen

Puntos Débiles: Size and Cost

This thing is massive and expensive. I can't understand why the calculator is so big with today's technology. The 84 keypad is more than an emulation. It has its own applications and operating system. Well, I basically bought it as a 84 with a better screen.

Por No Name - May 14, 2008

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire with Clickpad

The Texas Instruments TI-Nspire with Clickpad is one of two graphing calculators (TI-Nspire / TI-Nspire CAS) released commercially in Fall 2008 as upgrades from the TI-83 / TI-84 line of calculators. They maintain the same form factor, but add along a bevy of features including multiple representations, “grab & move” functionality, resizing, dynamic linking, and the ability to...
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By - Apr 7, 2011