LG LAP340 Sound Plate 340 Slim 4.1 Surround Sound Speaker System


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Slim Yet Powerful Enough for an Impressive Multi-channel Surround Sound Experience LG's SoundPlate can be easily installed and connected to TVs of many sizes, providing 4.1 channel surround sound with built-in dual sub woofers. It is designed to help you experience the ultimate in sound quality. SLIM DESIGN Only 35mm in height, LG's slim SoundPlate is designed to sit beneath the television, saving space and bringing a clean, modern look to your home decor. This exceptionally sleek SoundPlate was made possible by applying dual neodymium magnets that are slim yet eight times more powerful than an ordinary magnet. 4.1 CHANNEL SURROUND In spite of its modest dimensions, SoundPlate is equipped with a powerful 4.1 channel that incorporates dual built-in subwoofers. Stereophonic sounds instantly transform your home into a cinema theater. The 4.1 multi-channel surround system creates richer, deeper sounds that stand apart from competitive brands. DUAL BUILT-IN SUBWOOFERS Bass sound is produced by ultra slim built-in dual subwoofers that enrich and add depth to the low frequencies. This single slim plate eliminates the need for a bulky subwoofer to achieve a full sound system. What's more, two Aero-ducts on both sides of the product also create exceptional three-dimensional sound. THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOUR TV Fits most TV sizes from 32 to 55. A great solution for either your primary or secondary TV. Designed to match a large-sized, slim-bezel premium TV. CABLE / WIRELESS CO


Título del Producto: LG LAP340 Sound Plate 340 Slim 4.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Fabricante: LG

Precio Más Bajo: US$299.00 from Adorama

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