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These sound as good to me as my...

Puntos Fuertes: Very nice sounding speakers. Excellent frequency response: 55Hz-40kHz (87dB)40watts nominal/ 130watts Max.

Puntos Débiles: None noted.

These sound as good to me as my Bose 251s. They are an "old school" design but I like them. They were easy to mount on the deck. Installation took about half an hour. The only thing I'm still concerned about is how well they will endure harsh Minnesota weather. Time will tell. I expect that the rubber surround on the 6 1/2 will eventually fail. But until then...we're rockin'!!! I would strongly recommend using two pairs if you can afford it. That really does a lot to improve the sound and the coverage, especially at lower volume.

Similar Products Used:
Bose 251s. Bose 101s

Por cigarro - Apr 1, 2005

Yamaha NS-AW350

Puntos Fuertes: easy installation, hardware included, swivel base, dual mounting positions

Puntos Débiles: none

The Yamaha NS-AW350 Indoor/Outdoor speakers have exceptional sound quality. We compared these speakers to Bose and preferred the Yamaha for their sound and price. Installation was simple. We installed 2 pairs of speakers on our 24' X 48' pool deck and were pleased with the great stereo surround sound. Friends heard these speaker once and ordered a pair for themselves.

Por cjmeir - Aug 15, 2006

Surprisingly Exceptional Value

Puntos Fuertes: Sound quality, construction, and good looks.

Puntos Débiles: None so far.

I am surprised at how well these seem to be made and how good they sound for the price. Would have expected to pay at least twice as much for this quality.

I bought these to listen to music on a patio about 12 x 16 and these will be plenty loud for even a dance party.

Even the Yamaha emblem is able to swivel to be properly alinged whether you mount these vertically or horizontally. Brackets are straightforward and easy to use.

Por peteprav - Aug 2, 2006

I am an audiophile from way back....

Puntos Fuertes: Bang for the buck - a VERY good value Solid bass and clear highs

Puntos Débiles: none

I am an audiophile from way back. I decided I needed some outdoor speakers and started doing some research on the net. The one common thread that kept coming up was the lack of bass on all outdoor speakers. I also read that the only way to go was Bose, Infinity or Niles. I listened to the Bose and the Infinity and was not impressed. The Niles OS-25 sounded like the best speakers going with response of 55Hz-21 kHz +/-3dB. But the sticker price of $500 made want to continue looking.
The only way to generate more sound is to move more speaker area. The OS-25’s have a 6.5 inch woofer and a 1 inch tweeter. The Infinity and the Bose have smaller speakers and they sound it. Then I found the Yamaha NSAW350 speaker, they have a 6.5 inch woofer and a one inch tweeter just like the Niles with and the response is 55Hz to 40kHz, +/-3dB, which is better than the Niles. OK these sounded like they were worth checking into.

I listened to and bought the NSAW350 locally. These things sound great, for a bookshelf speaker that is, and the price is right. They are very clear and clean with enough bottom-end that when I start cranking them, the whole deck will vibrate from the sound level. These are a best buy in my book, you can’t beat the bang for the buck! I would love to put them side-by-side to a Niles OS-25 to see which sounds the best.

My recommendation: Before laying out the big bucks for some of the more expensive speaker systems, you owe it to yourself to listen to these. I think they sound BETTER than the more expensive competition that I listened to. For the price of one set of Bose, Infinity or Niles you can buy two sets of the Yamaha’s, this will give much more sound volume and fill – you won’t be disappointed !

Por gorfel - Aug 10, 2004

I highly recommend to anyone that...

Puntos Fuertes: Awsome bass responce, crisp highs. Overall the best out door speekers I've tried.

Puntos Débiles: None

I highly recommend to anyone that is want awesome sound and quality for a great price. I've owned Bose, Nile's,Advent and a couple others and The Yamaha AWS350 tops them all. I'm the best sounding RV at camp. I'm going to order 2 more sets for the house next.

Por quadman20 - Jul 3, 2005

Big Bang for the Buck!!!

Puntos Fuertes: Sound reproduction is great - especially midrange frequencies. Low frequency reproduction is enhanced by mounting under eves or patio covers.

Puntos Débiles: These are not that great for indoor usage as bookshelf speakers.

Every time I listen to these speakers, I am thoroughly blown away by their performance. These are, without question, the best outdoor speakers in the under $100 range.

Installation - Easy, and the bracket design is sturdy and works well. They even come with special mounting hardware if you run your wires in conduit to mount the speakers against the junction boxes. Use gold-plated banana plugs to prevent corrosion, and don't waste your money on Monster Cable - Go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy bulk 12 gauge low-voltage outdoor lighting power cable @ 30cents a foot - you won't be disappointed.

Sound - The first disk tested was DMB - Under the Table and Dreaming. Wow - this is a great recording, and the NS-AW350's make it very apparent. Second disk (one my best testing disks) was Alice in Chains - Unplugged. Reproduction was perfect - all the guitar fret buzz and nuances of a live performance were clear and not muttled. Third Disk - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Rastaman Vibration. This test proved that these speakers can produce pretty darn decent low frequencies that I had no problem hearing anywhere in my small back yard.

The speakers are rather large, but you need a decent sized driver to produce low frequencies and the NS-AW350 is one of the few outdoor speakers with a 6.5" driver. I compared these in-store next to Klipsch KHO-7's and Bose 151's and these Yamahas blew away the Bose, and the $350 Klipsch sound no better than the NS-AW350's. So you know I have an older (1997) Yamaha Audiophile series 2-channel that puts out 80w per channel of real clean power.

These will put a smile on your face for the money - every time I use them, I can't believe I only spent $85 on these speakers. I will be curious to see how they hold up over the years, but I haven't heard any issues with longevity. If you need a set of outdoor speakers - these will please - regardless of what you can afford.

Por astoermer - Jun 9, 2006

Great for the Pool Area

Installed these around the pool and they are perfect. Great choice and great sound!

Por Alan on Adorama - Sep 22, 2013

Great Speakers

My husband made wood mounts to attach the speakers to. Since they are heavy he didn't trust the mounts that came with them. He mounted them from our deck ceiling and the wall. They are several feet apart, so we get suround sound. They are great!

Por Jeanne the baker on Adorama - Jun 23, 2013

Speaker Performs Great

As stated above, the grilles will not stay intact and I'm looking for Yamaha to come up with a proper rubber cement or adhesive to hold the grilles in place. Other than this obvious flaw, the speakers work great.

Por cjp on Adorama - Apr 18, 2013

Good all around speaker

Purchased these for a retail environment. Yamaha speakers offer the natural sound we are looking for, meaning they are not overly harsh on highs, mids or lows, for background music they sound great and don't get in the way of talking to customers, when tu

Por aeguy010 on Adorama - Mar 13, 2013

Great pair of speakers

Sounds great and easy to set up

Por launchpad_29 on Adorama - Jan 8, 2013

Good Value for the Money

I used these as the two rear speakers on an aftermarket radio installation in a classic car. They are sitting on the floor in the rear, which allowed me to not have to cut any holes to mount rear speakers. There were aftermarket kick panels with 6 1/2" co

Por Dirt Rider on Adorama - Dec 27, 2012

These sound GREAT!

These are mounted under the eaves of our garage facing the patio. Great frequency response at all volumes. Definitely a great buy.

Por wisconsinrivermike on Adorama - Sep 7, 2012

Great speakers at a great price

These are solid built speakers with great sound quality at this price. They are easy to wire and mount.

Por Clark on Adorama - Jun 24, 2012

Right speaker for the right price

We set up a pair of these for our outdoor patio area. Fantastic pricing for a fairly well built speaker. Handles more than power and can crank up fairly loud outdoors if needed. Bass is ok, not heavy but sufficant. going to buy 2 more sets for our new out

Por Dreamnevil on Adorama - Jun 10, 2012

Great Value

I use these outdoors, I could easily see these used indoors, for a multitude of uses.

Por Reason715 on Adorama - Apr 9, 2012

Replaced old R/S speakers

Very even sound. Great outdoor speakers!

Por Raven on Adorama - Jan 15, 2012

Yamaha NS-AW350

When I started looking for outdoor speakers, I listened to several different brands, and for my money, I found the Yamaha NS-AW350 to be the best bang for the buck. When I saw Adorama's price on these speakers, I bought two pair, giving me three pair now.

Por Billy on Adorama - Dec 11, 2011

Very clean sound. Relatively inexpensive

Puntos Fuertes: Sound quality, price

Puntos Débiles: None

I have been an audiophile since the late '70s. With the advent of HDTV and home theater, audio has really taken a back seat. These were purchased originally to place outdoors. After trying them I was absolutely amazed at the sound reproduction quality. Much, much nicer than the Bose 201s that were in the room. Bose is just so expensive for the sound. Back in the 80s when the 901s were introduced Bose was not too impressive. They still aren't but they seem to dominate high-end home entertainment. The less expensive Yamahas have greater transparency without being too bright. Maybe Yamaha just got lucky with the shape of the cabinet and got great damping. Anyway, they are beautiful sounding and remind me of the time when audio was important. Did I say they were inexpensive?

By anonymous; - Sep 2, 2007

Awesome speakers for the money

Puntos Fuertes: Sound great, easy to mount.

Puntos Débiles: Like most outdoor speakers, they lack bass

I got these after reading several reviews and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. All you need are a few lag bolts and about 5 minutes to get these things up and rockin'

Por sanorthrup - Mar 28, 2007