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5 Star Review Reference 6002i 6-1/2 2-way Car Speakers


soonacop - (November 06, 2004) I installed these speakers into a 1996 Camry sedan 4-door. These speakers went into the front doors, while a pair of Infinity 6903i speakers went into the rear deck. The installation was very clean, didn't have to modify anything and it looks like a factory installation. However, the difference can be heard as soon as you turn on the stereo. The sound is excellent. The 6002i front speakers alone sound very good, but as is typical with all 6.5 inch round speakers, the bass is a little weak, but probably better than average for the size. However, when paired with the 6903i, the speakers compliment each other nicely. I don't think that you could get better sound from the front speakers

5 Star Review TS-C160R 60 W RMS Speaker - 2-way (4 Ohm)


Dajuggalo - (March 14, 2003) This speaker is loud and sounds good at any volume. Looks great installed with the sporty 6 spoke grill that should fit in most factory speaker locations. The tweeters can be stuck onto any surface with an external mount bracket, or flush mounted wit the swivel ability. Not an easy self install, unless you really know what you are doing. Don't expect the best sound if you are not running these speakers off an amp, they need the extra power.

5 Star Review TS-G1640R Speaker - 30 W RMS - 2-way (4 Ohm - 6.50")


plkavle - (June 12, 2004) I needed to replace a set of speakers in the front doors of my Honda Accord hatchback, and finally settled on a pair of Pioneer TS-G1640R's. I got them for a very reasonable price ($40), so I didn't expect superior sound, just adequate quality. But after having and listening to them for almost a week, I can say that they have exceeded my expectations. If there is a negative it is that the bass isn't always the strongest, but it's a minimal drawback. My stereo unit is 22 watts/rms, so if I had a more powerful system or added an amp, then I'm sure the bass would be comparable to speakers that cost a lot more. What I like most about them are the ease of installation, nice design, and excelle

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Jl component review

Anonymous User - (05/09/13) Sounds great at high volumes! Lacks midbass unless you have a good install. Give them 60-80 watts running flat and sounds unreal. I have 2 sets with a crappy infinity amp pushing them. The crisp and smooth tweeters are the desert in this meal though! They dont blow real ez either!

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