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Sony MDR-ED21LP Fontopia Stereo Auriculares

MPN: MDRED21LP Ver Detalles del Producto

Detalles del Producto Sony MDR-ED21LP Fontopia Stereo Auriculares

Auriculares Fontopia con refuerzo de graves suministrados con bolsa de transporte flexible. El enfatizador de graves único proporciona unos fuertes graves y un sonido de amplia frecuencia. La pieza de goma suave para el oído minimiza la presión en los oídos para mayor comodidad. Diafragma de16 mm con imán de neodimio de alta densidad (300 kJ/m3) que proporciona un sonido nítido y potente. Auricular y conducto fino para una adaptación cómoda a los oídos. Circuito turbo acústico doble de Sony para un sonido de graves profundo. Sistema de enrollado de cable para transporte cómodo y estable. Bolsa de transporte flexible suministrada.
Descripción Corta
Diseño de auricularEarbud
Título del ProductoSony MDR-ED21LP Fontopia Stereo Auriculares
Power Score3.9 | 22 Reviews
Additional Specifications
Dirección Web de Fabricante:
Tipo de filtro: Earphone

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Reseñas sobre Sony MDR-ED21LP Fontopia Stereo Auriculares

  • 5
  Por el miembro: knivem - Apr 1, 2009

Love the Bass

Puntos Fuertes: - Bass Boost - Comfortable. Fits snug in your ears

Puntos Débiles: - Kinda long - Volume adjustment switch would've been nice

- This is a great upgrade from having the Sony Fontopia MDR-E818LP $12 - Great headphones for under $20 - Bought them at WAL-MART Canada for $17.

  • 4
  Por el miembro: olderguy - Aug 20, 2007

A good buy in earbuds.

Puntos Fuertes: Good performance across the spectrum. Comfortable

Puntos Débiles: Another person tried them and found them uncomfortable.

I've owned less expensive Sony earbuds and have figured 'you get what you pay for.' Based on a review in 'a leading consumer magazine' I decided to try these, and they are a much better buy.

  • 4
  Por el miembro: SW1TCH - Jul 2, 2007

Great Headphones

Puntos Fuertes: Great sound

Puntos Débiles: None yet

great headphones they have been working great since i bought em. i would recommend to anybody. i love these and got a pair for my friend and she was satisfied with them too

  • 5
  Por el miembro: brgsr62 - Jun 6, 2007

Sony MDR-ED21LP Fontopia Stereo Auriculares

Puntos Fuertes: Fits ears well. sound is good

Bought these for jobs around the yard. Once in your ears they good with MP3 player. Volume can be set lower & saves on batteries.

  • 5
  Por el miembro: agksimon - Feb 14, 2007

Outstanding; and they stay in your ears

Puntos Fuertes: They stay put in your ears, without having to insert in canals. Excellent sound & base is just right.

I'm impressed: I've tried a dozen different types of earbuds and returned all of them, but not this pair. Having very small ear canals, none of the earbuds on the market will fit me, so I'm stuck with the kind that fit in the outer ear. These not only hold in place while working because they fill up the ear cup, but being tapered fit into the canal entrance for sealing out most peripheral noise....

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: marah1115 - Feb 9, 2007

Sony MDR-ED21LP Fontopia Stereo Auriculares

Puntos Fuertes: Great sound Low price and fit well in the ear

Puntos Débiles: Cord too short

The headphones I purchased were a great buy at the price I paid The cord is a bit short if you need to put the item your listening to in your pocket or something but overall these are great headphones

  • 3
  Por el miembro: dan36god - Feb 7, 2007

Great if they fit well

Puntos Fuertes: Sound great, they also come with a nice little pouch to carry them

Puntos Débiles: They don't fit well in my ears

These would be great headphones if they fit comfortably in my ears. Perhaps my ears are unusually shaped, but these headphones are uncomfortable for me. The sound quality is decent though, so if they fit, I'd recommend them.

  • 5
  Por el miembro: monteruud - Feb 4, 2007

Great value.

Puntos Fuertes: Good fit, excellent bass.

Puntos Débiles: None.

I purchased the Sony headphones to use with my ipod. They sound and fit great. I use them for running and they stay in place. Great performance, especially for the price.

  • 4
  Por el miembro: pandmchavez - Jan 5, 2007

Good earbuds

Puntos Fuertes: - Sound - Fit - Cost

Puntos Débiles: - None

I would highly recommend these earbuds to anyone looking to replace the stock earbuds you received with your iPod. For the price I would challenge anyone to find a better deal.

  • 5
  Por el miembro: drewdive - Jul 5, 2006

great headphones

Puntos Fuertes: sound quality, low profile, price

Puntos Débiles: not the most durable, no hard case included

this is a repurchase as I "wore out" my first pair. I like these headphones mostly because they sound great, but I also like their low-profile style as they fit well inside my helmet. I've listened to the expensive Shure headphones and many similar "high-fi" models and don't feel they offer better sound quality than these. Don't waste your money.

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  • 4.0
  - Oct 28, 2011

Sony MDR-ED21LP has collected 1 expert review for Sony MDR-ED21LP and the rating is 80 of 100. Click below and use to find all ratings, product awards and conclusions.

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  • 2.9
  - Aug 2, 2011

Marketed towards consumers as an alternative to their stock buds or basic headphones, the Sony MDR-ED21LP is a low priced dynamically driven earbud. At $19.99, the Fontopia branded MDR-ED21LP is driven by a 16mm driver, tweaked to be especially bassy. Available at many locations for merely half their MSRP, the MDR-ED21LP are truly a bottom of the barrel option. It is important to know that it is...

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