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Seems to work just as well as commercial products

Puntos Fuertes: Works as advertised, and at a lower price than more expensive commercial steamers

Puntos Débiles: Seems to have a breaking-in period where it shuts off too soon

For anyone new to garment steamers, first of all it's important to be prepared for the fact that this will not make typical cotton dress shirts look "crisp" -- this works best on partly synthetic materials, or on all-cotton materials that don't need that crisp look due to their rougher or more sheen-like textures.

I did find that the steamer shut itself off too quickly (recharging with steam?) for the first couple of hours after use. But be patient, because after a strange breaking-in period it finally worked well, with a consistent steaming action.

Por H Paul - Sep 5, 2008

perfect steam steamer

Puntos Fuertes: i dont know of any

Puntos Débiles: if water is the condense hole auto shut off i was constantly pushing on that red reset button

i received this as a gift from my sister for christmas, and i dont know where she purchased it! my nerves are shot for having to fool with this thing,
i give it a not worth it, its false claims for 5 times faster is a joke, it beening commerical garment steamer it is not , please dont waste your money on this brand or at least invest in a much better brand than this one , closet it goes and try and not let my sister know
she meant well!!!!

By anonymous; - May 23, 2008

The steamer works very well on...

Puntos Fuertes: Heats up really quickly and very portable

Puntos Débiles: The hanging "rack" is difficult to put on.

The steamer works very well on softer fabrics. It did take on the major creases on cotton and linen, but did not give it the freshly ironed look. You definitely need to use your iron if you want your collars crisp.
It is however, prefect for refreshing your clothes mid dry-clean and is much much quicker than a conventional iron. I do not regret buying it, only that I can't throw away my iron and ironing board.

Por lisachua - Jul 19, 2004

I hate ironing--and do a poor job...

Puntos Fuertes: FAST heatup, good results

Puntos Débiles: Pole too short

I hate ironing--and do a poor job at it. That's why I bought this. It works pretty good on most things I've used it on. Even my sons (teenagers) use it to steam their clothes. It is easy to use--but takes a little practice. I've got a couple of shirts that apparently have deep seated wrinkles that it doesn't do very well on, but I havent tried it on them since I've used it several times.

For "casual" use, it does very well. If your job requires a "starched/pressed" formal look, you will NOT be pleased because it won't give that--but of course, the corner laundry does that better than we can at home anyway.

I'm 6'2" tall and with the pole was a little taller(along with a longer hose) but that isn't a deal killer.

Por agmilton - Nov 4, 2004

Homedics Perfect Steam Professional Garment Steamer

Puntos Fuertes: Small foot print but quick heat up.

Puntos Débiles: Reservoir is too small as need to refill frequently.

No more iron job or iron board laying out for the lightweight garments and good for summer time with less energy; but not for heavy garment as the steam is not so much powerful. Also, the reservoir capacity is a bit small & needs to refill after couples of garments. H/e, the price is good if compared to the one for commercial usage. Nothing can complain!

Por slickguy - Dec 7, 2005

Good Value for Home Use

Puntos Fuertes: Fast Heat-up

Puntos Débiles: Condensation in Hose Frequently Triggers Auto Shut-Off and Pole is Too Short

I wouldn't call this a "Professional" or "Commercial" garment steamer but for touch ups at home it works well and worth the price. The pole is too short and is practically worthless. A garment hung on the pole is too low for the hose because condensation collects in the hose at that height and triggers the auto-shut-off and you have to press the re-set to get it going again. I hang garments higher (on a shower curtain rod) and have had no more problems with condensation and auto shut off. It didn't cost much and it does steam out the wrinkles. I'd buy it again.

Por captone1 - Dec 28, 2007

Perfect Steam Professional Garment Steamer

Puntos Fuertes: None

Puntos Débiles: Worse of everything

This steamer is not working for me at all. The design is worse. Using iron to press your cloths is much better and also faster than using this steamer. It takes a long time to boil and water evaporate so fast. You will waste your time if using this product.
I used only once and put it away

Por ap1966 - Sep 5, 2008

works for me

the first one i own so nothing to compare it with! it does the job for me perfectly!

Por amanda on Home Depot - Jul 13, 2011

I'm not really sure about this one

This seems to work okay but not as good as maybe I thought. The title states that it is a professional steamer but it just does an average job but not one I would call professional quality. Also, the garment hanger could be constructed a little better as to not allow the garment to move around while you are trying to steam.

Por SuperCD on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2008


I bought this steamer after a friend raved about it. She had purchased another brand for $150 that leaked and just didn't perform. So she tried this, purchased elsewhere, and loved it. When I finally decided to try one, I had trouble finding it in stock. Maybe that speaks more than any review. I was so glad to find it here, best price on the internet, and have not been disappointed. The steam is quick and simple. The telescoping pole is a plus for storage. I recommend getting the hose in place while it is hot as it is stiff and harder to maneuver otherwise. Setup is easy, but again, before you try to hang the hose, run it or a couple of minutes to get it soft. Everything seems very sturdy and I look forward to using it more.

Por MomWorking on Home Depot - Dec 29, 2007

Works like a charm

I bought this for my daughter's wedding, but had to use it for another event before the big day. My garments look better than they do when I pick them up from the cleaners. It's great and a wonderful value.

Por WeddingMom on Home Depot - Dec 27, 2007



Por GINGERJO on Home Depot - Oct 27, 2006

Garment steamer

This is a great steamer. It saves so much hassle getting things pressed in a quick amount of time compared to ironing the old fashioned way. This steamer is so easy to use and I love the feature of having a hanger to put your clothes on while steaming. I made costumes recently and after I steamed them they looked like they came fresh from the cleaners. It also is small enough to have ready at the time you need it. No having to set it up each time is a time saver too.

Por on Home Depot - May 28, 2006