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1 Star Review Cuisinart Crock Pot


grnydldy2 - (August 26, 2005) This crock pot is way too hot. Even on the lowest setting everything I cook in it is burned in 3 hours. Contacting the company did not bring me any satisfaction. They did offer to "look at it" if I shipped it back to them and including the cost of return shipping which would have cost me an additional $32.

1 Star Review 38501W 5 Qt. Olla Inteligente de Lento Cocimiento


swtmartha - (November 13, 2004) The thermostat of this cooker is much too hot even at the low setting.Stews and chili burn around the edges.Stay far away from this model.

1 Star Review 38501W 5 Qt. Olla Inteligente de Lento Cocimiento


faithww - (October 05, 2004) The lid is not heavy enough to hold the liquid inside the pot. I have burned every meal I have cooked in it. I even tried putting double the amount of liquid that the reciped calls for and it still burns it. The low setting is more like medium so it just boils it out. I tried contacting the company to get and replacement lid and I have heard nothing.

Ultimas Reseñas

1 Star Review Not a good review

DennisAB - (03/08/13) I purchased my 6 Qt Programmable crockpot about 2 years ago also. It worked fine one day and the next day the lights came on but wouldn't heat. I really liked the programmable part of this cooker. Set the time for cooking and then it would turn itself down to warm. But, concidering I have a crockpot at home that has been in the family for 30 plus years and still works, vs just 2 years, I give this one a thumbs down. Quality now days is very poor on to many things.

5 Star Review This pan is huge!

Anonymous - (21/06/13) I purchased this pan for family size meals and cooking Indian one dish meals and it sure delivers. It is huge! It's almost too big for the burners on my flat top stove. Heats up well and cooks well and cleans up easily.

5 Star Review I could never get my rice right until I started using this cooker... a must for novice rice cooking chiefs.

Anonymous - (14/06/13) Perfect every time ... didn't know how easy it was to cook different types of rice until I got this wonderful cooker.

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