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Reseñas para


  • 5
  Por el miembro: kmwaldman - Aug 4, 2004

Braun MR5550MBCHC Professional 400 Watt Hand Blender

Puntos Fuertes: Everything. The machine has exceded my expectations in every way.

Puntos Débiles: Haven't found any yet.

This is not your mothers stick blender. I had two other “motor boats” that both were beginning to die. I was eying this one for quite a while, but found it hard to justify the price. My husband got it for me as a gift, and I haven’t looked back.

It is incredible powerful, and able to tackle any job: thick vegetable soups, large pots of tomato sauce, beans. There is even a special attachment for crushing ice (snow cone time). Despite this, the machine is relative quiet compared to my old ones. On the lower settings it is great for mixing shakes, making pudding and mixing ingredients during baking.

The two bowls that is comes with are great, and essentially turn it into a blender. My old blender is not gathering dust on the shelf. This little wonder works better!

Well worth the price!!

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: vyasmonk - Aug 10, 2006

Braun MR5550MBCHC Professional 400 Watt Hand Blender

Puntos Fuertes: Very light weight design, sturdy, extremely functional.

I love this appliance and is my favorite kitchen tool of all. I use it every single day.
The different attachments allow the tool to be extremely functional for chopping, whipping, pureeing and blending in the chopper attachment, or directly into the container using the metal shaft. The light weight design makes it superior to all other much more expensive brands. The ice crush attachment allows preparing shakes and drinks in a flash. Best of all in its kind!

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: toxin104 - Nov 29, 2005

Best hand blender I have owned.

Puntos Fuertes: +lots of power +metal head will not stain +many attachments for multiple purposes +wavy head design minimizes splatter

Puntos Débiles: -Expensive -metal head could scratch non-stick pans -whisk feels a little flimsy, definitely a whisk as opposed to a rotary egg beater or

This Braun hand blender has become an essential part of my kitchen. After a recent intercontinental move, I needed to replace my old (and

admittedly cheap) hand blender with something that would work in north American outlets. I really couldn't be happier with my choice, it has tons of

power and makes short work of anything it has come across. I really like the fact that all the portions of the blender that will be immersed in the

food are metal. All the plastic hand blenders I use have inevitably become tomato stained. This of course has the drawback that you wouldn't want to

use it in a non-stick pot.

I feel like I need to be careful with the whisk. I've used it to make meringue, but I wouldn't use it on anything much heavier than cream or egg

whites. I sure wouldn't be using it to whip potatoes.

The unit is pretty expensive, so I'd recommend looking for it on special or using a coupon (like a 20% off at BBB). I ended up paying $55 for it after

some diligent hunting.

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: ma1321 - Oct 8, 2004

Braun MR5550MBCHC Professional 400 Watt Hand Blender

Puntos Fuertes: this blender is much powerful than other competitiors;easy to clean

Puntos Débiles: i dont think of any yet

I saw this particular model and thought it would be great to have. The price was a bit high and I fought with myself for a few days on if I should buy it or not. My father had bought me a hand held blender for a house warming present when I moved into my first apartment and I used it till it died. I was looking for a good replacement. I finally after a few days ordered it. I had it delivered 2nd day and it came on the 2nd day. I opened the box and immediatley started to use it. I have to say that I have used it to mash strawberries, apricots, bananas, grapes, apples and many other fruits right in the pan and in a few seconds. I have used all the accessories for many different things. I use the large container for making drinks, shakes, and for large portions of nuts to be chopped. The smaller one is great for a cup or so of ingredients. Both the small and large containers have a rubber base that double as a lid when you want to cover the container (I am having a slight problem with the base staying on the large container bottom though, once I lift the container the base will stay on the counter). I used the wisk and beaker for homemade mayo, and salsa and they turned out great. I thought for sure that the ice crusher wouldnt work that great but I was wrong it did work and crushed quite a bit of ice about 3 cups or so. The stand was great too. I installed it on the wall and when I am done using the blender I place it back into the stand. I keep it plugged in at all times and it is just hanging there ready to be used. I have only had this machine for about a month now so I am sure I will be using it for other things as well. It is a great buy and I am very happy with this purchase. The machine is very powerful, easy to clean, and all parts are dishwasher safe. I strongly recommend this product to others.

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  • 5
  Por el miembro: Aaronxia - Jun 22, 2006

It's worthy

Puntos Fuertes: Very convenient to use and wash. Very powerful! I like it!

Puntos Débiles: Only if I can more different attachments

I read so many reviews about hand blenders on the web. I chose this one!! Maybe it is not the best choice but it is worthy the price! I hope I can use it for long time as other users.

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