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3 Star Review DeLonghi DSM7 Stand Mixer


windowsxper - (December 25, 2005) I got this model as a replacement for the earlier DSM 700, which arrived with cosmetic defects - paint chips and dings. A paint chip even popped off in front of me, while I was locating the serial number for the customer service rep. Cosmetic defects are supposed to be covered under the warranty, but the process was a nightmare. There was/is apparently only ONE authorized service center in the entire state where it was purchased. That service center was/is completely incompetent. They allowed my machine to sit in their shop for over 2 months, instead of returning it to DeLonghi. They never contacted me about my machine, and when I called them about status, they couldn't find info on my

2 Star Review Magic Bullet Review


dbn22 - (September 17, 2005) The Magic Bullet would be a wonderful product and if the company creates a set of strong, sturdy blades it will be worth buying. Wait until they do! After two weeks of use, the cross blades of our Magic Bullet were bent from frozen fruit. We know what we are doing. We used another blender for 27 years without harming the blades.

1 Star Review Poor Construction


denisharder - (November 19, 2005) There are four rubber stubs on the bottom of the cross and flat blades. These interlock with the base unit which cause the blades to spin. Unfortunately, everytime you use the unit... a little bit of the rubber gets worn down. So, eventually the rubber stubs will totally wear down and the blade will not spin, which is exactly what happened to me after three months use. Granted I used the magic bullet almost every day to make a morning smoothy... although my Oster blender is still in my cupboard and works after years of use. In the end I am left with two blades that don't spin when locked into the powerbase, so basically I'm left with nothing. I've searched for replacements blades... but have

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5 Star Review KitchenAid Artisan is the best help in a kitchen

Anonymous User - (05/07/13) I have a very positive experience with kitchenaid artisan mixer. It is very powerful, quick and does many things. It takes me only 20 seconds to make a good green smoothie. Though it is noisy, you don't need to make it work long in order to complete the job. I have recently found this KitchenAid artisan mixer review that may be helpful for anyone interested in a good mixer:

5 Star Review works as it should

Anonymous - (18/06/13) Works great, what did you expect, it's a Kitchen Aid

5 Star Review So pleased

Anonymous - (14/05/13) I took the advice of another shopper and opted for the more simple 5 speed and bought the whisk attachment. Terrific for baking and frosting. I love this thing!

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