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5 Star Review Weber Spirit E310 Gas Grill


lutefisk69 - (August 14, 2007) I purchased a gas grill from target for my sister (for her wedding) and the main issues I had with it was that it took forever to build and was extremely heavy. Then once I started cooking on it I had to constantly move food from one spot to another otherwise it would not cook evenly. From this experience I looked into grills for myself and found this Weber to have some positive reviews on other sites. It took me 30 minutes to build (would have taken less if I had done it in the day and had more light) and once I fired it up I noticed that the food cooked evenly no matter where on the grill it was. Product quality is high on the Weber and it seems like you get what you pay for, and with

5 Star Review First Time Buyer of a Grill! Did much research, Weber Q 220 The best !!


flyguide - (July 01, 2006) I am proud to say that I am a first time BBQer. I used Charcoal before and it took so long to get it going and I do not have control with the heat, therefore food always burned!! Laugh if you want, I am an engineer. So with about 30 hours of research, including going to every store; lowes, Sports Authority, Costco, Walmart, Target ect. I found the perfect Gas BBQ in the Weber Q 220. I wanted the unit for camping with my family of 4, yet for home use too. I first used it today and it worked perfect. I cooked 2 T-bone steaks and 4 all beef hotdogs. The dogs were done in 2 minutes and the steaks in 7 minutes. The new feature of thermo in the hood was a great idea, I was able to keep the flame d

2 Star Review My New Signet 70


johns6 - (April 16, 2007) Would not buy again. For $500 there are some better deals out there. Bought it to last, but don't think it will. Went back to some big box stores with a magnet and found some of the cheaper grills coming out of China have some better grade stainless burners.

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Blooma Surnaco BBQ 3 Burners and side Burner

DerekB - (12/09/13) Purchased this BBQ on Reserve and Collect, found it very easy with very compatant staff, a young lad even took it to the Car for me and loaded it in, great service. In the afternoon I digested the assembly procedure and started to put it together, completed basic assembly in around 3 hrs, continued following morning to complete, I could not say it was easy but being technical minded I coped quite well, I was impressed with the way all the nuts and bolts were packed and itermnised, upon completion and after fitting gas supply I was amazed the Ignition worked 1st time on all of the burners, I done as recommended lit the burners on high for 5 minutes and then reduced to low gas and cooked my chicken which was cut into 4 pieces perfectly, I am a very pleased customer with this BBQ I recommend it highly thank you B & Q

5 Star Review Great compact BBQ

Missie15 - (07/09/13) This arrived so well packed it was an art and with a little time easy to put together. Unit is well made and of good design, especially fold down side tables which makes storage of a smaller BBQ so much easier. Works a treat and no problems exposed so far(used 4 times). If you are looking for a BBQ that is not too big but large enough to cook for up to say 10 people in one go - look no further.

5 Star Review Best Quality Best Price

LavLad - (06/09/13) Very rarely these Weber BBQ's come up in sales so at £279 it was a bargain. These Webers are great the heat that comes from them is intense and they last a long time not like the non branded ones that are widely available....Recommended

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