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5 Star Review Intuos3 Graphics Tablet (9" x 12" - 5080 lpi - Mouse, Pen - USB)


pengshi - (October 21, 2004) First, the good: This is a great investment for me. I have carpel tunnel syndrome and after I got this tablet, my hand feels a lot better. Since I am a web developer, this tool is also great The two buttons on the pen takes some getting used to, but once you learn it, they are great. “Button A” act as “Right Click” and “button B” act as, believe it or not, “Double Click”. This might seem weird if you are used to double clicking a mouse button, but it makes perfect sense. Since single click is achieved by touching the pen tip to the tablet surface, you have to tap the pen tip really quick twice to double click. The repetitive action gets tiring after a while. Or, y

5 Star Review Logitech Inc MX1000 Mouse Inalámbrico Láser


cyberflea - (September 22, 2004) I own the MX500 and the MX700 and now the MX1000. The MX700 was great product and the MX1000 is even better. Here's the low down. "While the gain in accuracy does result in better overall user comfort, the difference is flagrant only for certain types of use. If you aren't an experienced, dedicated FPS player or graphics pro, or if you don't do retouching with Photoshop, the move to an MX 1000 isn't really justified, and a good basic mouse will do. Especially considering that $80 or 80 euros is a lot of money for a mouse. On the other hand, if you'll get the full benefit of it and aren't scared off by the price, then don't hesitate." If you compare the MX 1000with a standard mouse, the d

4 Star Review Products Flight Sim Yoke (Cable - USB)


crashdogg - (February 13, 2003) I've been using the Flight Yoke USB for well over a year, mainly with Flight Simulator 2000 Pro, 2002 Pro and Combat Flight Simulator 2. For the price it performs very well. I've had no problems with installation or configuration. Unlike other flight controllers I've used this one doesn't need constant adjustment in the control panel to calibrate it properly. It's always perfectly calibrated and ready to go. I've also had no problems with controls getting dusty and malfunctioning like other controllers. The only real complaint I have is the design of the clamping system. I always have to put a couple of paperback books between the clamp and my desk to secure it properly. This is a really stu

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review EyeTV is AMAZING!

Shane - (10/09/13) I use the EyeTV to record sporting events to my Mac for personal storage as well as video editing and highlight compilations and let me just say, it's the PERFECT product for what I do. Being able to schedule recordings and convert the DVR recordings to files on my computer is all I've ever wanted out of a DVR device! I would say the only challenge with the device is the fact that it has to be in close proximity to the computer in order for the recording process to work properly. It would be much easier if there were a wireless interface in some fashion. But that isn't anything a few cable extensions can't fix! I love this device, I can't imagine using anything else.

5 Star Review Great Keyboard!

Bysa77 - (01/09/13) This is a Great Keyboard, Beatifull tones and expression, great midi songs reproduction and DSP effects, Goood speakers, lcd brillance (B&W), vibrance styles and internal songs demos, 10/10.

5 Star Review Great product. Lower price elsewhere.

Photoman - (27/08/13) Better than expected, this monitor is everything it is meant to be. Unfortunately, I saw it for $200 cheaper less than a week after ordering. Adorama would not price match.

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