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SanDisk Extreme III 8.0GB CompactFlash

Puntos Fuertes: Fast read/write speed, data recovery software included, lifetime warranty.

Puntos Débiles: None.

In addition to the large storage space and dependable SanDisk reliability, one specialty of this card that I particularly appreciate is it can withstand the most extreme environments and temperatures, from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important if shooting pictures in harsh environments, storing the card in extreme temperatures like in a car during winter and summer, or using the card in other devices that could generate a lot of heat.

Another benefit I got with my version of the card is that SanDisk included a promotional free copy of the Capture One Raw workflow software from Phase One, which alone costs about $99!

Por ywang8078 - Jun 3, 2007

SanDisk Extreme III 8.0 GB Compact Flash Card

Puntos Fuertes: Big size and high speed

Puntos Débiles: Not that I can tell.

Works great with my Olympus E-500. Use it next day after receiving it and it worked flawless with my E-500 and it can stock more than enough for one long trip. The only problem I had with it is first time use it took a while for E-500 to initialize it. Other than that, it is a perfect card, in term or current price and storage size.

Por sjdu - Jun 2, 2007

Very good card, fast and huge capacity

Puntos Fuertes: speed and huge capacity

Puntos Débiles: none

the speed of the card is good enough for any DSLR, it is fast enough even to shoot videos. It is reliable, from Sandisk. The huge capacity is a big plus so you don't need computer for a long time.

Por flamming_deal - Jun 4, 2007

SanDisk Extreme III 8.0 GB Compact Flash Card

Puntos Fuertes: Memory size & speed

Puntos Débiles: None I see

Works great. This card is noticeably faster than my 2GB Ultra II card used in the same camera. Memory size is great since I use it in a Canon EOS XTI using RAW+JPGG picture file format on trips.

Por racmanwa - Mar 23, 2007

Great memory, even better with rebate

Puntos Fuertes: Speed, capacity

Puntos Débiles: none yet.

Got this with a $60 rebate, so there way no way to pass it up. Ranks near the top of speed tests with my camera (Canon 30D), and in use, it really does seem speedy. I usually shoot JPG and RAW together, and it will hold almost 700 shots w/my camera.

Por prothstein - Jun 15, 2007

SanDisk Owns

Puntos Fuertes: Speed

Puntos Débiles: none

My second 8gb compact flash card. It is a little bit slower than Ultra II. However, I'm happy with the purchase. I will keep supporting Sandisk compact flash. I wished the 12gb and 16gb worked on my canon.

Por lostfire - Jun 15, 2007

8GB Extreme III CompactFlash Card.

I got this one with May 2007 rebate. It's work great with my canon XTi. Now, I can take with RAW file without worry about a full CF memory. If your Canon camera cannot see this CF, you have to format first, as I did. Good product from Sandisk.

Por jbunnag - Jun 4, 2007

Extreme III 8.0

Puntos Fuertes: Large capacity and fast

Puntos Débiles: none

This compact flash card holds about 800 RAW files and is very fast. It will not slow you down. It is the fourth SanDisk compact flash I have purchased. The others are 512 and two 2 gig. I am happy with all.

Por toddward2 - Apr 6, 2008

Fast, Reliable, Great size,

Puntos Fuertes: Price, SanDisk reliability, Size, Speed

Puntos Débiles: none

This is a great CF card. It is fast and reliable. It works well in my Canon 40D. I purchased this with a nice rebate so I couldn't pass this up. Comes with a pouch and restore software if anything ever goes wrong. Highly recommended.

Por mainomega - Dec 3, 2007

sandisk extreme III 8 gb

Puntos Fuertes: In my minolta 7d I can run off 10 frames at 3 fps and within 2 sec run off 3 additional frames in RAW format. The data is processed at the limits of my camera's ability.

Puntos Débiles: none

you get the optimal performance/$ ratio with this product. If your downloading time is critical, perhaps the IV series is justifiable, but you will have no performance gain in the camera.

Por bfe; - Nov 30, 2007

Sandisk Extreme III 8GB CF card

Puntos Fuertes: Great speed with low cost

Puntos Débiles: NA

I love Sandisk cards and started buying them over the higher priced Lexar cards. I was in need of a large card to start shooing RAW and this is a great card to do it with at 20mb sec read/write.

Por troutman313 - Nov 9, 2007

Great Performance

Puntos Fuertes: Very fast and huge capacity

Puntos Débiles: None!

I'm using this card in my new Canon 40D DSLR. It's great for DSLR cameras given it's super fast write speed. Additionally, the 8GB size is good for recording large image files in the RAW format. San Disk is simply the best memory card out there!

Por eric_stileski - Oct 20, 2007

SanDisk 8Gb Extreme III Compact Flash Card

Puntos Fuertes: Extrem explains all. It works in extreme enviroment, aslo very fast and reliable and stable.

Puntos Débiles: nothing

I have one 4GB adata card to compare, and I absolutely love this card, it's fast and reliable, it works in extreme temperature ranges from -13 to +185 degrees Fahrenheit so that they can be used to shoot photos in any weather condition.
this card also comes with a mini-CD for data recovery software, RESCUEPRO, is a big plus, you can recover photos that are accidentally deleted.

Por mhfgee - Aug 1, 2007

SanDisk Extreme III 8.0 GB Compact Flash Card

Puntos Fuertes: speed, reliability, life time warranty

Puntos Débiles: none.

I have 6-7 Sandisk ultra II card (1-4GB). Just bought this 8GB Sandisk Extreme III a month ago when it had a $60 reabte. All Sandisk cards are very reliable. I never had a problem of losing images. The Extreme III is definitely faster in writing images in my Canon 5D than Ultra II. It takes ~ 20-25 seconds to write 10 RAW images (~150MB) compared to 30-35 seconds for ultra II. The package also came with Limited edition of Phase One software. Capture One is the best software to process RAW images in my opinion.

Por lxz11 - Jun 4, 2007

SanDisk Extreme III 8.0 GB Compact Flash Card

Puntos Fuertes: big size, fast speed, low cost, high reliablity

This works very well with my canon 30D camera. It can store raw images as fast as the camera can handle. got this with the May sandisk rebate promotion for less than $70.

I have many sandisk CF and SD and never have problems with them.

Por ws1088 - Jun 3, 2007

High Speed Card, Immense Capacity

Puntos Fuertes: High performance in Digital SLRs that can take advantage of the speed. Immense capacity.

Puntos Débiles: Price.

This is one of the highest speed cards that SanDisk makes, and the speed is evident in digital SLRs. 8 GBs is enough for just about anyone, even with the highest end camera. Make sure to keep a backup card, just in case.

Significantly, these cards are finally starting to come down in price, which took awhile for these super-premium cards. They can still be pricey, but don't be afraid to wait for a price drop.

Por bballcards - Jun 1, 2007

Really Fast CF Card!!

Puntos Fuertes: 1. Super fast speed 2. Nice packaging 3. Lifetime warranty 4. Free photo software and recovering software

Puntos Débiles: Expensive (than others)

I bought three CF cards nearly the same time. SanDisk Extreme III in my experiences, is a little faster (about the same) than Lexar Professional 133X 8G, and moderately faster than Kingston Ultimate 133X 4G cards.

The one I bought is the 8G capacity, which is good for storing 500+ RAW images in my Canon 5D (12MP size). The storing speed is about the same as it stated on the box (133X is about 18-20MB). SanDisk is known for making quality CF cards and they keep their speedy promises.

I recommend this card to people who are in need of high capacity CF. This is by far the best 8G card that I have and I will always come back for SanDisk products in the future.

Por bluejeff - May 17, 2007

8GB Extreme III CF card

Puntos Fuertes: Large storage size - very fast transfer

Puntos Débiles: none

These are great cards. I shoot with a Canon 5D on Raw and get around 500 images on an 8GB card. Very pleased with download speed to my computer. I've used SanDisk cards for 4 years now and never lost an image.

Por photographman - May 15, 2007

Tons of space to shoot RAW!

Puntos Fuertes: Fast transfers, huge capacity for shooting RAW with my 20D.

Puntos Débiles: Not as fast as my 2GB cards, but this really isn't an issue.

I bought this card so that I could go on longer trips with my DSLR and not have to shuffle between my other 2GB cards as much. I can shoot roughly 800 RAW shots with this card, which should be more than enough for a 2 week trip. I, actually, my camera manufacturer seems to prefer Sandisk cards, and other than the super fast and super expensive Extreme IV line of cards, nothing else provides the combination of speed, value, and dependability that Sandisk Extreme III provides. I know Sandisk will stand behind its products, and I can expect their customer service to honor the lifetime warranty.

Por dgxq - May 14, 2007

Extreme III 8Gb

Puntos Fuertes: Capacity, speed

Puntos Débiles: price, speed

Very good card, good speed. But considering it's price, bigger card, or one with higher speed can be bought. Good for heavy use. Would probably buy a third party with faster speed instead.

Por cowfunone - May 9, 2007

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