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Fantastic Printer For A Little Money

Puntos Fuertes: Great Value and great design and great quality output. The manual paper feeder makes it easy to print envelopes and business cards in limited quantities for home users and very small offices.

Puntos Débiles: Does curl paper a little, and though the manual paper feeder works well, it can print a little askew on envelopes (but not too terribly bad)

I bought this unit as most users rated it well on various Net sites, and I really liked the design--it looks like a miniaturized laser printer, and not a hybrid laser/inkjet with the feed paper jetting out (and getting exposed to dirt and dust). The integrated paper drawer was a big plus for me!

Besides looking great, this printer is sooo SMALL...

I've found the text output fabulous--as good as any laser I've seen. Graphics and photos are okay for personal use, and since that's what this printer is made and marketed for, this unit should serve single users on a personal level quite well.

It also works fast--waking from sleep within 2 seconds after I press PRINT, and giving me the first print out in within 12-15 seconds.

I have experienced none of the power surge issues a few others have mentioned with this unit--I think this must be an issue regarding individual electrical wiring within homes/offices (as my apartment is old and has had issues with some other appliances, but NOT with this Brother printer)...?

The only problem is the paper curling, but it's not THAT big of an issue, particularly for letter and correspondence that will be folded in the end.

I've found the manual paper feed very adequate and up for the job, though envelopes sometimes print out a little askew.

Overall for around $100 I'm thrilled with this printer, and so happy to be free of the constant expense of pricey inkjet refills for text and letters I need to print.

Por toddster63 - Dec 8, 2006

HL-2040 from Brother

Puntos Fuertes: Cheap and takes little room

Puntos Débiles: I have experienced some paper curl but not too bad.

Overall, this is a good laser printer for the price.
I have noticed some comments about paper curling and I have experienced it somewhat. Nothing to loose sleep over.
The toner is easy enough to refill but replacements are higher than expected.

Por webhornet - Oct 31, 2005

Decent for the price

Puntos Fuertes: good quality prints, quick printing, low noise, acceptable paper capacity, small footspace, price, software

Puntos Débiles: POWER CONSUMPSION! must manual feed for non 8.5x11 paper size, manual and confusing 2-sided printing, slight paper-curling

Comparing the HL-2040 to similarly priced black and white laser printers (like the Samsung ML-2010 and Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W), this is one exceptional printer.

Printed text comes out clear and crisp even at small fonts. It takes about 11-15 seconds for the first page to finish printing from a "cold" print, which I find above average compared to other printers.

Unlike other similarly priced laser printers, this one prints graphics very well with minimal banding but only after tinkering with some software settings. I found the toner-saver function was too conservative with graphics though: even dark shades of grey would come out near-white. Text is fine though.

Installation took less than 10 minutes on Windows XP with clear instructions. I wish I could comment on the support for this printer, but I never found a reason to call.

The noise while printing was high though not quite as high as the Samsung ML-2010. Still, it's noisy enough to wake a roommate if you decide to print in the middle of the night in your dorm.

The only major gripe I have about this printer is unintuitive way the paper is printed. It seems the page is turned twice before printing. This may be difficult if you frequently print on both sides or recycle paper by printing on the other side of old documents.

With no network capability and unupgradable 8 MB memory, this printer will serve well anyone seeking fast, occassional printing of small to medium jobs.

Recommended for: students, small office

Not recommened for: those who print a lot of envelopes or legal sized paper (must manual feed), those who frequently print graphics, medium to large offices

UPDATE: There is a slight paper-curling problem with this printer; however, leaving the paper to cool for a few seconds will normally resolve this.


As a consequence, I will lower my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars.

Por naru1 - Apr 18, 2006

I get this print to replace my old...

Puntos Fuertes: Its size is right for a home office, pretty quite, good printing quality with decent price.

Puntos Débiles: cartidge replacement is kind of expensive compared with the price of printer.

I get this print to replace my old inkjet printer. Its size is right for my small home.
not noisy at all, even if running through night. I really impressed by it printing quality,
using save toner mode can still get good quality with less toner spending. I would recommend
it to anyone who plan to buy a print for home use. If you don't care about price, model 2070
is almost the same but with network printing ready, I hope that is even better.

Por ldragon - Apr 27, 2005

Fast, but not worth it

Puntos Fuertes: It's fast and the print quality is fine

Puntos Débiles: It has the paper-curling problem

I have gone through three brand new printers in 3 weeks. All of them have stopped printing mid page and all the LEDs come on. According to Brother tech support, this is a fuser error and is unrecoverable. After three printers and all three having the same problem, I'm giving up.

Por BraveMadMan - Aug 6, 2005


Puntos Fuertes: Cheap, Fast and steady Laser Printer

Puntos Débiles: paper curling

I got what I was looking for in this printer. It is fast when starting cold, and even faster once it's going.As for page curling, it does curl them a bit (I use regular Hammermill paper), so that's not a function of the paper as noted by previous users. For me, it's not a big deal--the speed and resolution more than make up for it. They don't curl into a circular tube, the ends of the page turn up a bit.

Por scheoki - Jul 28, 2005

Impressive compact printer

Puntos Fuertes: Print speed, Print quality, Customer Service

Puntos Débiles: Machine will not print after "it" determines toner is out. My previous laser printer would continue to print until I was not satisfied with the results.

Customer Support was outstanding. I had an installation problem that turned out to be a quirk of my computer, not the printer. This printer is a workhorse. I printed a few pages of full reverse (white text with black background) for an attempt at making paper printing negatives for platemaking. It worked. Then I tried running cut electrostatic plate material through the machine for use on my offset press. It worked beautifully. For the price this machine offers great speed and outstanding quality. Add in the excellent customer service and this is a winner.

Por techpuppy - Aug 16, 2005

This makes a great addition to the...

Puntos Fuertes: Fast, efficient, and reliable.

Puntos Débiles: Only black and white.

This makes a great addition to the home office. It gets the job done with its great print features. The toner appears to be expensive to replace. Surprisingly, the printer is a workhorse. Highly recommended!

Por techlover - Mar 9, 2005

I have purchased this machine for...

Puntos Fuertes: This Brother printer is a great value for the price. I purchased this machine for my home and it has performed flawlessly. I have ran a few larger print jobs, printing various manuals and it churns right through them. The best part is it's small enough t

Puntos Débiles: NO

I have purchased this machine for the new compact design and high speed for the price. This machine has met every expectation for a personal laser printer in speed and quality. Print quality is very good.

Por onlycool - Mar 28, 2005

Ed from Nebraska

Puntos Fuertes: Low Price, Reliablilty

Puntos Débiles: Paper curling, "sudden death" when out of toner

I replaced my very old HP laser with the HL2040 and, for the price, I am totally satisfied. It is all I expected and more in terms of speed and reliability. A word of your replacement toner cartridge early and have it nearby because when the toner gets low, this machine dies....i.e., you don't get any warning. I'd definitely buy it again for my "home use." I can live with the paper curling problem.......which is pretty severe on card stock (which I manually feed from the front of the printer.)

Por youracmanfromTX - Sep 23, 2005


This is a really nice printer, and the prices for it are good. We've used several of these at work. Never had any issues with it. Lasers are good due to their high print speeds. Plus it's small and compact, so it fits just about anywhere your inkjet printer would.

Por EricaM0817 - Jul 25, 2005

2 months' home office experience---no complaints so far

Puntos Fuertes: Tidy small footprint, great print quality right out of the box, parallel and USB connectivity

Puntos Débiles: The old "starter toner cartridge" trick, no USB cable in box

I replaced a 3 year-old Brother HL-1440 with this unit. It has ably filled its shoes so far, printing about 200 pages a month with nice, crisp black type that is no better and no worse than any of the 4 or 5 lasers I have used to date. I have it connected to my PC via the USB port, but have also used the parallel port to support a wireless aprallel-port print server, so I can send jobs to this printer from my laptop computer (which lives downstairs in my kitchen) even when the host PC is turned off. The first-page-out time is a little quicker than my old HL-1440, which is welcome; about the same in noise level, which is certainly not offensive to me.

Por kgivens - Sep 2, 2005

This compact laser printer is so...

Puntos Fuertes: compact, flawless performance

This compact laser printer is so great compared to other laser printers I owned before. Besides its perfect performance on printing, its small size does fit my small room. In a word, it's perfect for personal use.

Por felid225 - Mar 30, 2005

This printer worth Every Dollar

Puntos Fuertes: Fast, Cheap, Reliable, Good Documentation and Technical Support.

Puntos Débiles: Not Network Ready

I bought this as I am tired of paying $25 for the Inkjet inks. This is a Laser Printer and the price I paid for this is little over than the price of a single Inkjet Cartridge. The print Quality is really good and it appears to be saving toner is toner save mode. Does little paper curling but I am Ok with it.

Por shaurya - Sep 14, 2005

a nice printer for this price

Puntos Fuertes: price, compact design

Puntos Débiles: expensive cartridge, printing noise

The quality is indeed very good in this price range. The first page prints out pretty quickly. It is so small compared to other laser printers. This might be the reason why it has the paper curling problem.

Por yiduo_wu - Aug 19, 2005

Fast but only good for simple jobs

Puntos Fuertes: Cheap. Efficient. Regular printing is a snap.

Puntos Débiles: Feed tray / manual feed has a weird design and feels cheap. Must manually feed envelopes and cardstock one at a time. Double sided / cardstock printing will often produce a ghost (double) image.

For the money, this machine gets the job done and does a fine job printing for most print jobs. However, the design is really strange when it comes to the way it feeds paper. You have to have paper in there permanently. The tray feels cheap, doesn't always grab the paper right, and it swirls the paper around like crazy through the machine before coming out. The paper comes out too curved and hot to flip right away. This design makes double sided printing a real pain. Manual feed is just a slot that doesn't always realize you're holding paper in there for it to take. It just keeps saying the printer doesn't have paper. Sometimes you get lucky if you jiggle it in there right. Cardstock must be manually fed one piece at a time. There are ambiguous printer settings for paper type and print options. I found that for double sided and cardstock printing, the machine would often jam and sometimes text would "ghost" giving you a double image. It didn't make my huge batch of cards and envelopes for my wedding guest list simple at all....However, I would say for most people that are just printing out essays for college or something, you won't even think about problems with this printer. It's great for simple, cheap, plain paper, single-sided jobs.

Por sueite - Jan 29, 2008

Very affordable...

Puntos Fuertes: Good print quality, very good print output, does a good job printing 600-1200 dpi

Puntos Débiles: paper curls slightly...but I can deal with it and I knew that from the online reviews that I read.

with better paper quality it curls very little, what do you want for the price, the "WORLD." Do your homework and buy it because you want it...

Por ghostin007; - Oct 3, 2005

It was very quick and easy to...

Puntos Fuertes: quality, size, speed, price

Puntos Débiles: noise, paper bending

It was very quick and easy to setup. no hassle... I also like the automatic power saving feature. I am sure this is one of the best printers under $200.00 laser printers.

It's pretty noisy when printing. I've used Samsung, HP, Konica-Minolta, and other Brother printers before, and this is the most noisy printer ever used... Papers bend, but it's a comman problems to most affordable printers.

Por baysplace - Jul 6, 2005

For the price I paid, this is one...

Puntos Fuertes: good quality printouts. Toner seem to last longer. usb and parallel printer cable compatible

Puntos Débiles: slow to printout

For the price I paid, this is one of the best printers available. Designed for home or home office use, the HL-2040 is an affordable, personal laser printer. Compatible for either Windows or Mac users, the HL-2040 features compact design.
I would recommend this printer to every one!

Por kutta - Mar 4, 2005

Brother HL-2040

Puntos Fuertes: Very reasonable price, Small, quite, good quality fast laser printing

Puntos Débiles: Paper Curling Problem

The main plus point is it's very rasonable price tag.
Brother HL-2040 is very quite and fast printing. It's a small laser printer for anybody's use. It's ideal for everyday use.

Por hotobhaga - Oct 31, 2005

This printer is a bargain. Brother...

Puntos Fuertes: Price

Puntos Débiles: Paper Curl

This printer is a bargain. Brother also seems to have a reputation for quality.

Personally, I would recommend staying away from this particular unit, however. It has a serious problem with chronic paper curling. This flaw makes the printer almost worthless.

Por diljs - Mar 22, 2005

Brother HL-2040 Laser Printer

Puntos Fuertes: Compact size, fast printing, quality is excellent, price, warms up really fast,

Puntos Débiles: Replacement toner is expensive. No memory expansion or networking

Since I got a great deal on this printer, I have very little complaints about it. For small office/home use it is perfect becauase it is compact, fast and easy to setup. I've had no problems with curling, as some have had, after approximately 100+ printing runs. The quality is really good for this class of laser printers. I would highly recommend this product. If you need network capability or have a need to upgrade memory for better performance, look elsewhere.

Por fchang777 - Aug 3, 2005

HL-2040 Laser Printer

Puntos Fuertes: Compact, Sleek, Easy Assembly, Gets the job done.

Puntos Débiles: Starter toner, new toner costs almost as much as printer, no network connection

Decent laser printer for a decent price. Since this is my first laser printer, I am absolutely satisfied with the printer's performance so far (have printed about 40 pages). This is a step up from flatbeds, and this laser printer is efficient in avg-medium usage. Is reliable if you don't expect too much from a basic laser printer for personal or small business usage.

Por jimly05 - Jul 29, 2005

HL-2040 Laser Printer review

Puntos Fuertes: Great printing at a great price. Small footprint and quiet operation. Center single sheet feed.

Puntos Débiles: The only weakness I find is that the single sheet feed is a little difficult to use. It is not easy to align the sheets with the quides with no positive indication the sheet is gripped properly.

This little printer is a great bargain. It prints really clear and crisp on regular paper. It is fast and quiet. I needed a printer with a single sheet feed and this one has that. I print envelopes through there and wallet sized checks. When they line up properly it prints beautifully. I read several complaints that it curls the paper too much. I do not find this to be a problem. I highly recommend this printer.

Por RonShepherd - Jan 2, 2006

Good printer for the price

Puntos Fuertes: Fast,reliable and also small

Puntos Débiles: When you print images and text comibination, you get reduced quality images. It has only 250 paper capacity.

I bought it for $65 2 days ago. For that price, it is fine for the average user but you would probably need to get a higher quality if you are image intensive person. It is great and fast for just text though. It causes to paper to curl excessively. I had some problems with two-sided since the paper is excessively curled.

Por abakben - Jul 25, 2005

BIG power problem!

Puntos Fuertes: Inexpensive, fast.

Puntos Débiles: Sucks too much power.

I spent over three hours trying to get this printer to work. Every time I turned it on, my computer would re-boot. It is fast, though. Once I actually managed to get as far as hitting the print icon, and the page was printing even as my computer was shutting down. I checked on Brother's troubleshooting site (after unplugging the printer) and their suggestion to one customer was to put the printer on a seperate circuit breaker. I think it will be cheaper to by a more expensive printer than to have the house re-wired, so back to the store it goes.

Por marrii - Nov 7, 2005

Worth every penny!

Puntos Fuertes: Cheap & easy to use, good print quality, small.

Puntos Débiles: none yet.

Easy to set up. Printed the first page within 5 minutes of opening the box. Fast and quiet compaired to the last laser I owned. I would buy this printer again for home use.

Por KrystyAnn - Feb 14, 2007

HL-2040 Laser Printer

Puntos Fuertes: Fast and easy to use Good compact laser for personal use

Puntos Débiles: Makes squeeky noises when printing

This is my first laser printer. The reason why I chose this is for its compact size and looks. It was a choice between this or the Samsung. I have not yet figured out how to print envelope. If you want instruction, you have to get it online from Brother.

Por dinarkamat - Aug 4, 2005

Cool printer

Puntos Fuertes: compact design, price, easy assembly

Puntos Débiles: expensive toner cartridge

I bought this printer because of the affordable price and compact design. It is small enough to fit on my desk without being obstructive. I really like the design (stylish, compact). This is a good personal printer for the price and size. It comes with a starter toner. Looks like the toner cartridge will be expensive but maybe the refill kit will be more affordable.

Por gemlin2 - Aug 4, 2005

brother laser printer model#hl-2040

Puntos Fuertes: it prints faster

Puntos Débiles: i couldn't see any drawbacks with this one

its a very nice printer i never ever had before..print quality is very would be more better if it comes with cable.i would prefer to buy in future also..

Por anithajavvaji - Jul 28, 2005

NIce printer but power problems

Puntos Fuertes: This laser printer prints very nice documents

Puntos Débiles: Problems with power supply

I bought this product even with the comments about power supply.I was very happy with the printing however I was not happy with the power supply problem.I would buy this product but put it on a seperate line from important other electronics

Por stockmanjr - Jul 24, 2005

Bad for office

Puntos Fuertes: Easy to install. USB and Parallel port available. Come with usb cable. Fast print.

Puntos Débiles: Bad response for big/moderate amount of impressions. Problems with drums, toners and taking paper.

We buy 20 and in one month most of the printers fails.
Now we are buying new ones to replace all the Brother HL-2040 printers. Very bad experience.
Maybe for home users the printer works fine.

By anonymous; - Feb 18, 2008

Best quality/price value

Puntos Fuertes: Fast and excellent print quality

Puntos Débiles: NOISY

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on a printer, get this one. It does an excellent printing job (similar to the HP) but the noise is disturbing.

By anonymous; - Aug 24, 2006

HL 2040

Puntos Fuertes: It's fast and the print quality is fine. Rebate $20!

Puntos Débiles: No problem found so far

It is all I expected for home use so far. and I'm satisfied with its speed and reliability comparing to my old ink printers. The rebate works for PriceGrabber Storefronts

By anonymous; - Aug 16, 2006

Excellent printer

Puntos Fuertes: Excellent for home office

Its size is right for a home office, pretty quite, good printing quality with decent price.
It's not noisy at all.
It's convenient to use paper in the paper drawer.

Por fireworks1972 - Oct 28, 2005

HL-2040 Laser Printer

Puntos Fuertes: Price.

Puntos Débiles: Toner longevity.

This Brother HL-2040 unit is a solid entry-level laser printer. Copies are produced quickly and in an efficient and economic manner. Always good opportunities to obtain this model at very good prices.

Por afrugal1 - Aug 5, 2005

fast, cheap printer

Puntos Fuertes: fast to warm up, acceptable quality

Puntos Débiles: expensive catridge

easy to set up, fast warm-up. The print-out looks pretty nice, the low price(I got it for around $30) makes it perfect for home-use.

A little noisy, the catridge might be expensive compared with other brands.

Por wjarcher - Aug 1, 2005

compact laser printer

This printer is very compact and light weighted. Printing speed is fast and quality is ok. And best of all, it's amazingly cheap compared to other heavy ones. So far I have no complaints about it.

Por jack2000 - Jul 29, 2005

Solid printer, great value

Puntos Fuertes: Good quality, great bang for the buck, compatible with both PC and Mac OS.

Puntos Débiles: Low page starter toner (only 1,500 pages), 250 sheet capacity is a little low for me.

I've had this printer for about half a week but I'm already impressed with it. For starters, I didn't break the bank but I wanted a solid printer that would get the job done. Brother doesn't make many printers to my knowledge but this one seems to be a good start. I'm kind of wondering if the next toner I buy will be more than I paid for the printer so I'm a little edgy about that. Otherwise, I'd recommend this for your small business or home with no reservations.

Por kyle_avery - Jul 28, 2005

Brother HL-2040

Light graphics is the only weak spot in this solid performer, which delivers nice speed and text quality at a low price.
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By PCWorld - Jun 24, 2005

Brother HL-2040 has collected 8 expert reviews for Brother HL-2040 and the average expert rating is 68 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to find all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Nov 7, 2008

Best Brother Printer with Printer type Personal Printers

Quality is Average according to 1 Printer experts. -- "The HL-2040s text prints were good in our tests, although more charcoal than black." -- "Its decent at printing text, so-so at graphics, and quick at both." -- "Fast text and graphics." Read more to find expert opinions on more features like Speed, Refills,...
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By - Jan 4, 2010