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Fuentes de Poder para Computadora - Opiniones sobre Productos

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5 Star Review Thermalktake PurePower 680 update


jayhall0315 - (April 01, 2005) I have discontinued this review because as any tech geek knows, times change and better products are manufactured. If you are currently in need of a high end power supply then take a look at newer Thermaltake Toughpower 850, 1000 or 1200 watt models. (My review below was last updated during May of 2006) The Purepower 680 watt power supply which was released in February,2005 is still one of the best, as of May, 2006. It has recently been surpassed by its big brother the Thermaltake Toughpower 750 watt model, which features quad +12 volt rails and a silent 140mm fan. So you may want to check out the Toughpower 750 before buying. At any rate, the Purepower680 gives you 680 watts at 25 degr

4 Star Review Thermaltake Ups the Ante with Fairly Quiet 750 Watts !


jayhall0315 - (June 27, 2006) (Jan 6th, 2008) As everyone knows, new tech items are always coming out and I am now recommending the Thermaltake Toughpower 850, 1000 or 1200 watt model instead of the Toughpower 750 watt model. This review will not be updated any longer. (Written Sept 9th, 2007) After putting the Thermaltake Toughpower 750 watt power supply through thirteen months of heavy load, I can say that it is holding up just fine. True to its name, you get 750 watts at 50 degrees C (which is damn excellent). This is distributed over four +12 volt rails (which means you do not run into the power failures common in ATX 2.0 (pre 2005) power supplies)of 18 amps each. To its great credit, the Toughpower 750 is cooled

5 Star Review 550 Watt ATX12V Power Supply (550W)


AlexanderAkulick - (January 26, 2003) I installed this power supply to resolve standby mode problems and infrequent crashes that required shutdowns and rebooting, and also after not being able to determine my exact power requirements for various PCI cards and my VGA video card as the individual manufacturer techs could not provide this information. -- WELL WORTH THE MONEY -- *note This power supply will make many computers more quiet. Antec's techs were the only people to suggest this solution and they were correct. Antec is an excellent company to deal with, offering not only great products but immediate unquestioned warranty service on products in warranty by excellent service representatives, and DETAILED PRODUCT

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Awesome product

AZninja - (09/07/13) Lacie was back ordered and was unable to ship in a acceptable time period. ADORAMA had in stock and shipped super fast. Why deal with OEM waiting list just get it from ADORAMA and save yourself the headache.

5 Star Review What I needed at an EXCELLENT price

John - (18/06/13) When the power supply for our LaCie NAS box failed, we needed a replacement and quick! Adorama had the part we needed, in stock and almost $15.00 less than the manufacturer. The replacement arrived quickly and we were back in business! Thanks Adorama.....

1 Star Review Awful battery

Anonymous User - (15/05/13) I completely agree with all the comments written about this battery. It does not last at all even if you follow the guidelines for its maintenance. I am really disappointed and Toshiba might do something to sort this failure out. It is a shame for a Japanese brand to have so many complaints about a product and not take any action. The cost of a new one is out to this world. Wake up Toshiba and don't be surprised if you lose market share

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