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I have transferred several videos...

Puntos Fuertes: No Power Adaptor; Light; Small; Price

Puntos Débiles: Software is inadequate for editing

I have transferred several videos to hard disk and DVD at different quality and I am very pleased with this product. The output quality is high, the price is great and the converter is small enough to carry it around in case you want to go to some friends/family and digitize videos they have. For example, I'll be going to visit my family in Italy and they have many home videos I want to transfer to DVD and I don't have to worry about the different power since the AV100U gets its power from the USB port of my laptop.
The only negative side I found is the software provided for editing: WinDVD Creator. I don't like it because it's very limited: good for capturing but the editing side lacks all kind of features and even the timeline can be quite stressful. I'm using instead Adobe Premiere Pro and Elements and I strongly recommend either one of the, especially Premiere Elements if your budget is limited and you are a newbie to video editing (Pro can be quite complicated). If all you want is transfer directly from tape to DVD then the software provided will be sufficient. You just have to click a button and, voilà, you got youself a new DVD with you video in it.
Overall, software apart, this hardware is a great addition to your video equipment, and the price is so low that it's worth buying even if you only have a few tapes to transfer to DVD. If you are more experienced and need more power look at other ConvertX models with DivX Hardware encoding (like the TV402U that has TV input also and sold at a very affordable price too).

Por gdiana - May 1, 2005

Works out of the box

Puntos Fuertes: Small, no power cords, worked on the first try, super easy to set up

Puntos Débiles: Weak software, USB cord is on the short side (3 feet)

I basically took this out of the box, installed the software and I was capturing video 10 minutes later. I had no problems with dropped frames and the quality of the DVD seemed better then the original VHS when I played them back and forth. I should note I'm running this on a high end computer - you may run into problems with older computers.

The software is really bare bones, not intuitive. One nice feature is a timer that sets your computer to capture for a set length of time so you don't have to sit there waiting. I threw a VHS tape in, set the timer for two hours, met up with friends for dinner. Came back and there was my video. I was also able to import that video into Adobe Premiere.

Chapter marking is harder to understand then it should. I would suggest just spltting the video at each point that you want there to be a chapter marking (do this in the timeline view - much easier!). Then double click on each chapter (go back to the storyboard view) to set it to a position in the video for a thumbnail view. There's an automatic chapter marking function that didn't work that well. If you need to quickly put in markings you can set it for every x minutes.

Depending on your setup I would recommend a USB hub (2.0) or extension to give you some distance. I have my VCR set up across the room and didn't want to set it up next to the computer nor connect 20 foot RCA cables (will lose quality on analog cables over distances). The hub allowed me to move it closer to the VCR and use shorter RCA cables.

After learning how to put chapter marks in there (definately took some finesse and time) it took me about 10 minutes to go through the whole video, put in chapter markings, change the main menu picture and start burning it to a DVD. For the money I would highly recommend this - with rebates and sales I was able to get it for under $40!

Por epalutzo - Aug 24, 2005

The PX-AV100U is a nice little...

Puntos Fuertes: Very easy to work with and compact.

Puntos Débiles: Weak software (InterVideo WinDVD Creator) and the manual is only in pdf format on the CD.

The PX-AV100U is a nice little device. I purchased it mainly to record off of my game consoles, and I'm satisfied with the quality. All you have to do is plug the composite cable (or s-video cable) into the device; you can play on your computer monitor (full screen) and record at the same time.

Capturing video requires just one-click. Editing, however, is a lot more complicated. It doesn't help that the software is not very good, especially if you want to cut some stuff out or split the video into sections.

Even with these minor concerns, I'm very happy with the ConvertX. It's easy to capture and the quality is good.

Por chentim5 - Apr 2, 2005

Great item. Converts great images....

Puntos Fuertes: Converts great quality images and videos from your game system (Ex. XBOX) and from your vcr/dvd player. Software is great comes with simple instructions for installation.

Great item. Converts great images. I have created great videos off of my game console and the software lets you modify it in many ways. Easy set up and installation. Easy video and image capturing. Comes in great package to make sure it isn't damaged in anyway. I would buy another one if I didn't already have one.

Por genglo - Feb 15, 2005

The product is extremely easy to...

Puntos Fuertes: Easy to use, intuitive, does not require external power supply

Puntos Débiles: Quality of conversion of analog video is only acceptable

The product is extremely easy to use. Set-up was a snap. You will need considerable hard drive space for captured or converted video.

I was a little disappointed with the quality of my converted Hi8 videos. Image quality was acceptable, but did not compare favorably to the original. That said, I know of no other product (in this price range) that produces better results.

It is a very good value. If you're interested in capturing TV programming, Plextor has another product that may be better suited for that purpose.

I would recommend this product.

Por Rowdy321 - Mar 25, 2005

Great Device for HOME MOVIES

Puntos Fuertes: Small, easy to install and connect, no power cord needed

Puntos Débiles: Limited DVD Creation Software

I have been using this machine for a month now and am very impressed with this little box. Just plug it into your USB slot and your device (VCR, Camcorder, and Game Console... ECT). Click a few buttons and you've just made a DVD. It's that easy.

The software is a little limited and could use a few 'bells and whistles'.

All in all for the price and what is produces, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to create DVD's out of home movies and camcorders.

Por donkeykonger30 - Sep 27, 2005

Great value in a small package

Puntos Fuertes: Small package, Metal/Aluminum body, no external power needed, extremely easy install

Puntos Débiles: Included cable too short, no remote

I liked the fact that the unit arrived with almost all the cables needed, but also didn't like the fact that I didn't have a spare antenna cable around, but I suppose that depends on the owner. Either way, the setup was a snap - plug-in, insert driver CD, install drivers, done! I planned to use the Plextor to watch TV solely, and had the full version of SageTV to use with it. Just remember that this unit is a software encoder, which means it uses your CPU to record video, and does not have a hardware encoder. So you'll need a reasonably powerful machine to avoid dropping frames.

All in all, the unit didn't disappoint in it's price point at all, and I highly recommend it.

Por aarontan - Mar 15, 2007

I've burned 5 DVD's now of...

Puntos Fuertes: Ease of use, USB 2.0 connection, bundled software

Puntos Débiles: None yet

I've burned 5 DVD's now of converted VHS tapes and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use this device and the quality of the resulting DVD's. I was looking for an easy to use method to transfer some of my old VHS tapes to DVD while the tapes were still readable. While the quality obviously isn't the same as a commercial DVD, it is equal to or slightly better than the original VHS. The packaged software is fairly easy to use and has more editing options than I expected. This unit will also allow direct capture from your TV, video cam, VCR, etc., so there are a lot of options for capture. I haven't done any direct capture from cable yet, but plan on testing that soon. I really recommend this unit for anyone that wants to do some VHS archiving, but doesn't want to spend a fortune to do it!

Por paulettemoudakis - Aug 6, 2004

This is a lite and beautiful...

Puntos Fuertes: Good Design, S-Video Supported

Puntos Débiles: Minimum System Support requires Pentium 4 1.8GHz and 256 MB USB 2.0 mandatory, not USB 1.1

This is a lite and beautiful device. The max. resolution is 720x480. I can use Composite Video (Regular), S-Video, and Composite Audio to input. It only supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and requires P4 1.8 GHz and 256MB memory. Only one computer in my house meet this requirement. It formats your video to: DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, AVI, and WMV. The video quality is acceptable. The software that included in the package is easy to use. I would recommend this device to those who want to backup your old VHS's.

Por kelvin9e - Dec 15, 2004

A Good Starting Block

Puntos Fuertes: Easy to use, straight forward setup and installation

Puntos Débiles: Prone to jump frames during high quality capture and fast moving picture - sound and vision misaligned- very intensive on processor - editing software very poor

I believe this device is definately a step in the right direction towards home movie capture and creation, but it has a long way to go, it heavily relies on software and has crashed a few times. You really do need to have a good spec system for this device to work acceptably - maybe USB is still not fast enough for this type of application or the device needs its own RAM.

A little dissapointed but the price was good

Por ss_assassin1 - Aug 26, 2005

Happy that I was able to copy Xmas tape from 1988

Puntos Fuertes: Inexpensive way to copy Xmas vhs tapes to dvd.

Puntos Débiles: I have problems getting the XP driver to work.I went to Plextor's website and installed the latest driver.A few problems with the driver but I finished my tape from 1988! Yes!

This baby will save my money because now I don't have to purchase a digital camcorder right away. I was looking for a digtal camcorder that would allow me to copy analog devices (VCR, etc.) to dvd and/or my computer's hard drive. Since, I had a hard time finding a digital camcorder that would do it, I began looking for a usb device that would do the same thing. I also noticed that there are pci cards available that copy vhs tapes to dvd. I figured it's better to get an external device in case I ever need to connect to a laptop.
I'm going to copy a few xmas tapes this weekend and start editing the captured movies.. I plan on giving out the finished product on dvd to relatives this Xmas.
I changed my product rating from 5 stars to 3 stars on 11/5/05
(I had to reinstall the driver about three times. I'm a computer tech, so I was determined to get this thing to work)

Por pcdoctor01 - Jun 16, 2005

So far I am okay with the quality...

Puntos Fuertes: Installation is simple. Software is basic but simple to use. Good enough for basic home use.

Puntos Débiles: Video quality depends on the signal quality at the source. There's no easy way to compensate for signal lost or image brightness.

So far I am okay with the quality of videos created by this converter. It's good enough for backing up old analog tapes and videos. To get better results for video editing, you'll need quality signal source (a good VCR), better video editing software, and better DVD authoring software.

With rebate promotions going on, I would not pay more than $50 after rebate.

Por fhsu3 - Mar 29, 2005

Digital Video Converter

Puntos Fuertes: Does its job. Not too expensive. Just hook it up.

Puntos Débiles: Doesn't come with S-Video cable. Video quality is only satisfactory, but not bad.

This product does its job. The video editing program it comes with isn't very good, but you can always just use another one like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. My computer had trouble recognizing the driver, but I got it to work after a long while. It's probably a problem with my computer, not with this product. Really wish it came with an S-Video cable, but it wasn't a necessity. Easy to hook up and transfer my videos from my camcorder to the computer, once I got the computer to recognize the driver. This product is satisfactory for its price, but if you have a larger budget, I recommend getting something without this product's weaknesses.

Por swamp14 - May 5, 2007