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Bocinas para Computadora - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

5 Star Review Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System - 505 W RMS (33 Hz - 20 kHz)


dmwhitedragon - (December 12, 2004) after alot of use i have come to much preffer these over my old Z-680 set. There is alot of changes (it is not just the woofer like some people claim... check the site) the mid range is alot clearer and the woofer is no longer "boomy" but can still output thunderous shakes that rock my mirror on the wall. the woofer along with its increase in size has gained alot of clarity in its bass frequency output aswell, alot more defined i would say :) The added support of DTS 24/96 means i can play games/dvds that support it which is nice, and yes there quite a few poping up although i have only 3 titles so far speaker wire is just composite cable from your local radio shack, so cheap and ea

5 Star Review Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System - 505 W RMS (33 Hz - 20 kHz)


FeldmanSkitzoid - (November 01, 2004) This is the best speaker system I've ever heard. My roommate was watching Lord of the Rings, and I thought the deep rumbling I was hearing through the wall was a nasty thunderstorm brewing outside. You really can't go wrong with this setup. If you have the cash and you want the best speakers you can buy with that cash, you'll have a VERY hard time finding something better, if you can. Which I doubt.

5 Star Review T110A Black Wax Resin Ribbon (Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer - Black - 25 Pack)


davidpolley - (May 15, 2004) This speaker system is one of the best. It has perfect sound quality, loud yet not overriding bass and ideal highs. I highly recommend this system for any movie fans or can't go wrong with the S750.

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Studio Sound in a small pakage ! Cyber Acoustics Platinum 2.1 High Bass Speakers

Anonymous User - (10/09/13) XL ACID 3D These speakers i would recommend for a mini studio ,quality sound

5 Star Review Perfect for Me!

Anonymous - (31/08/13) An awesome, great looking soundbar. If you want true surround sound, buy a surround sound system!! If you really like nice, enhanced sound from your television without all the extra speakers and wiring then this is for you. Highs are clear, midrange good, and there is a definite bass presence (I had my doubts about going without a sub woofer - but don't miss it at all). We remodeled and rather than connect my Yamaha surround sound system with all that wiring (5 speakers + sub woofer) I opted for this sound bar and am totally satisfied. Also very easy to program - my television remote controls on/off and volume functions for both TV and Sound bar. Also, our TV is in a wall unit so sound bar sits on top, 18" above TV. Works great as sound spills into the room and bass is amplified by wall unit.

5 Star Review works with wireles Sonos speakers too!

Anonymous - (18/08/13) Very happy with the great sound when connected to our outdoor (patio) TV with the optical cable supplied. Best news is that we also successfully connected the YAS as a component of our Sonos system (using the STB line)so now we have great sound both inside and outside the home.

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