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Baterías y Adaptadores para Laptop - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

1 Star Review Lithium-ion Battery (8-Cell, Dell Inspiron Compatible)


PeterinCO - (August 21, 2004) Mine arrived in a small bubble envelope via U.S. mail; the battery had no packaging or indication of where it came from. I was attempting to buy something else from HOCT on the day I placed the order and was told the battery order had already been processed; the invoice and postal sticker had the following day’s date. After sitting in my mailbox—it was shipped USPS even though the website and confirmation e-mail said UPS—for maybe a day, it was 93% charged according to my computer’s battery meter. The front casing was scratched and had a small divot in it. I charged it to 100% and then let the computer sit doing nothing; it held a charge for 1 hour and 27 minutes. When it reached

5 Star Review Laptop Battery Li-Ion for IBM ThinkPad 600 and 600E Series 12J2464


molette - (June 05, 2004) This is a replacement for the standard 3200 mAh battery for the IBM Thinkpad 600 laptop. I liked the fact that Simple Micro offered a version with a higher mAh rating, which should give longer battery life. The 3600 mAh version was only a dollar or so more than the 3200 rated one. I decided to purchase a replacement battery rather than OEM because I had read that the original IBM battery had a poor design that led batteries to die prematurely (which I experienced personally)

4 Star Review Presario 1400 Series Notebook Battery (Lithium Ion Li-Ion - 14.8V DC)


samstroud - (May 05, 2004) This product appears to be as good as the original Compaq laptop battery in all respects, including the built-in charge indicator on the battery itself. Kahlon's price was very competitive, too. All I ask of a replacement battery is that it does the job (it does) and that it doesn't wear out too fast, which remains to be seen.

Ultimas Reseñas

1 Star Review Toshiba batteries are RUBISH

elekteknic - (01/01/14) After 8 months the battery only gives 15 min. of use, Laptop keeps telling me to replace battery. this is a rip off by Toshiba. Never had this problem with other makes of laptop. I will NEVER BUY TOSHIBA AGAIN AT ANY PRICE.

5 Star Review Great little GPS device

Anonymous - (16/09/13) I use the GP-E2 with my new Canon 70D Camera. It can be shoe-mounted, placed in a AB-E1 Bracket attached to the camera (and connected with an interface cord which is provided with the GP-E2), or worn in a pouch on your belt (and connected with a longer interface cable also provided with the GP-E2). I don't use all the features. I am mostly interested in tagging my photos with GPS location data. In my limited experience with the unit, I find it to be quite accurate. It is small, which I like very much. If I had a complaint, it would be that the pouch (for wearing the unit on a Belt) is a real tight fit.

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