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Color - CMOS - Wireless Wi-Fi, Cable - MPN: WVC200

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  Por el miembro: marchioli - May 27, 2006

Hot little movable CAM with Audio

Puntos Fuertes: Online web view with audio and able to move camera remotely and have guest accounts with limited access.

Puntos Débiles: Isn't viewable on anything but Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher -> WON'T VIEW ON A MAC or on FireFox

I bought this little CAM because I was having vandalism in front of my house. I have had several things either vandalized or stolen. I decided to put in a security camera. When I shopped a friend told me about the Linksys he had. I went and checked it out and the new model had movement and audio. This little puppy works great.

My only gripe is the client only runs on a Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. It won't run on a Mac (Safari) or on Firefox!!!!!!!! Get with it Linksys.

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  Por JackKnife - Sep 18, 2006

Color Unacceptable

Puntos Fuertes: Dome protects lens well. Good concept. Front display of IP address is helpful. Network configured easily and quickly for me.

Puntos Débiles: Very bad color. Greens look pink/purple. Other colors washed out. Video capture function very limited. Security options very limited.

After setting up my first WVC200, it was clear that there was a serious problem with the color. When the camera is pointed outside, the deep greens of the grass and trees are displayed as pink/purple. I've just received a Linksys Quality Assurance tested replacement from Linksys as a replacement for the original, and the color is just as bad. Clearly, this problem is not limited to a single camera. I noticed several postings at the Linksys user forum complaining of the same problem. To see samples of the problem, see that forum.

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Respuesta del miembro: jahcon2
Jul 8, 2007

I agree with this review.....the color is terrible. Many other people are having the same problem. This problem has been apparent since inception, but Linksys has yet to fix it.

The latest firmware update was 7/3/07. I upgraded the camera and no color difference. I think this is a UV filter problem on the lense.

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  Por el miembro: yzhang523 - Jan 12, 2007

Linksys WVC200

Puntos Fuertes: Both wired and wireless capability. Easy to set up with cable attached. Can pan and tilt. Size is ok.

Puntos Débiles: Wireless is hard to set up.

Have both wired and wireless capabilities. Comes with installation disk and quite easy to set up with a LAN cable hooked up to your router. The Sololink account is easy to set up for internet remote viewing. Once these set up is done, and when you unplug the cable and go for wireless, you will be facing difficulities as the ip address will change and the camera suddenly does not work anymore. You will need resetting on the camera, the router and your computer to make it work on wireless. Some people recommend talk to Linksys tech support directly. But I got it to work without calling tech support, but I am sure it will not be easy once I disconnect the power or somehow have to restart the camera in the future. Overall, not a bad camera and is probably the only product available below $300 that can do wireless, pan/tilt and WPA security.

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  Por rylord - May 4, 2006

Linksys WVC200

Puntos Fuertes: Easy to install, Works as advertised, Filled with many features, Highly Recommend.

Puntos Débiles: None.

Very impressed with this camera. Excellent features and very good quality/speed of video and images. Compared to my other internet cameras, this camera is far more superior, and for a lower cost! Installation was a breeze!

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Respuesta del miembro: jacques_USA
May 11, 2006

Did you get this to work with OS X?
I bought it and it has no software of Mac, and when i installed it thru my only PC then i can't watch anything on my mac cause it requires activeX.

Please help :) Thanks

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  Por wvc200 - Oct 1, 2006

Good camera

Puntos Fuertes: Works as advertised and is a stable easy to use camera.

Puntos Débiles: It takes practice and trial and error to set it up. Linksys Help was useless; I found out that WEP was not stable while WAP was.

This is a fine camera. But you have to learn it on your own. Linksys has limited - and useless - documentation. And their help desk is not well trained on the camera. But spend the time and it will work well. I have 7 and am adding 2 more and they work perfectly and are extremely stable.

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  Por El-Vez - Feb 4, 2007

Great for monitoring

Puntos Fuertes: This camera was simple to setup - even wirelessly. The panning is great if you need to monitor a complete room or outdoors (if shooting from a window).

Puntos Débiles: It is difficult to extract the streaming video from the camera in either of the two modes directly into a media player.

Just need to know after setting up the wireless settings, should unplug the ethernet cable and then unplug the power for a few seconds. For the price of this camera, it offers a powerful punch. I read the negative reviews about the color, but hey, this camera isn't for shooting the next great documentary, is it? It is easier in some ways to extract the streaming video from a unix mplayer than from windows media player!

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  Por ncscrap - Jan 26, 2007

Look for other brands!!!!!

Puntos Fuertes: Don't know of any!

Puntos Débiles: Unreliable, poor customer service.

I ordered this WVC200 and recieved it promptly. After getting it set up, it went "dead" in less than 24 hours. After spending many hours on the LinkSys customer merry-go-round they determined the camera should be replaced (YA THINK???). As Provantage has a " NO RETURN" policy on this item, I was given an RMA from LinkSys for a replacement. That was over two months ago!!!!!! I have been given more excuses and wasted so much time dealing with LinkSys customer service I'm determined that I'll never buy their products again. My advice to others.......better look at other brands! And just to be clear, I used it one day, and hve been waiting for 70 days for a working replacement. Not too bad for a $230.00 dollar investment!!!!!!!!!! Not!!!

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Respuesta del miembro: jrnyberg
Apr 5, 2007

have not purchased the camera, but i agree totally with the Linksys customer is absolutely frustrating to work with them and plan to spend hours trying to resolve an issue that in the end you might have to fix yourself. i spent over twenty hours with their CS running circles around the same troubleshooting procedures on their screen. No help at all and then they blame the problem on the computer. It wasn't. My recommendation is this: unless a product of theirs is flawless, do not buy it. The CS is not worth the trouble.

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  Por Jerry - Oct 3, 2006

Going to buy another

Puntos Fuertes: Excellent picture, excellent features, excellent performance. Very good low-light performance. Great higher-level consumer cam.

Puntos Débiles: A better zoom would be nice, as would support for other browsers.

For everyone having problems not being able to get it to work with your wireless router, change the channel on your router - that's all it takes. Sometimes the default channel has too much traffic on it from others nearby. Once I did this it worked like a champ and hasn't gone down since. I've had many cams but bought this one to setup so we could "keep an eye on things" during our trip to Alaska back in June. We checked in on our cats and birds a couple of times a day, and clear from AK to FL we got great streaming video. Talk about peace of mind ! It also comes with easy to use software for initial setup and a great remote viewing application if you don't want to use your browser.

To all the low reviews - either know what you're doing or go back to a wired camera. This isn't for complete newbies.

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  Por el miembro: philroemer - Sep 3, 2007

WVC200 Wireless PTZ Internet Camera

Puntos Fuertes: Lots of features for the price. Better light range than previous Linksys cameras.

Puntos Débiles: WEP support No green! Pink instead of green!

I have older devices on my wireless network that only support WEP. This camera works great hardwired, or with anything besides WEP. Running WEP the camera is slow and sometimes unresponsive.
The color thing is hard to get use to as well. There is no green! Everything that should be green looks pink.

I will wait for some of these problems to be fixed before I buy another one of these cameras.

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  Por el miembro: chiefdaddyo - Apr 18, 2007

Several features don't work

Puntos Fuertes: 460x380 video

Puntos Débiles: User-id and password are required. Wireless doesn't work well.

This camera doesn't do what Linksys says it does. It doesn't work with Windows media player. It has frozen up on me several times. If you're on Windows and you can use their monoitor program then it works ok but other wise this camera stinks

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  Por el miembro: VHLP - Jul 23, 2006

Not worth the hassle

Puntos Fuertes: It works

Puntos Débiles: Huge hassle w/ Windows not allowing files to be opened; huge hassle figure out correct SMTP. But biggest problem is doesn't detect motion beyond about a foot!

I thought this camera could actually be used for security, i.e., monitoring when the supervisor or dog walker enters my apartment. But that was just to entice me into buying it. I was extremely disappointed that, after the euphoria of spending most of the weekend and getting the camera to work, the camera doesn't detect motion beyond about a foot. The only "security" this camera is going to provide is if you stick it right next to your computer to see if somebody is reaching for your keyboard when you aren't around. Do not waste your time and money on this product. (Also, customer service was very unpleasant, basically begging me to hang up on them, but I ultimately got them to help me solve the problem as to why Windows would not allow certain Cisco-Linksys files to be opened (and it was not because a pop-up blocker was on)

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  Por el miembro: keith20mm - Apr 27, 2007

Sorry camera SOFTWARE

Puntos Fuertes: Pan tilt excellent

Puntos Débiles: SOFTWARE SUCKS

Software only works with IE. This sucks.

But here's the sinker.... The camera's DHCP acquisition doesn't provide correct local IP address except under certain conditions, of which I am, as yet, unable to ascertain... for example, DHCP-acquired address is correct with SMC Barricade and ActionTec wireless access points... Using 2Wire 2700 series WAP, the DHCP-assigned address is some bogus, dice-roll determined address, such as, which my WAP router CANNOT EVEN ASSIGN... so where is this BOGUS address coming from? Random core trash?

When used with ethernet cable, the camera functions correctly... however, the wired feature, for me, is USELESS, as I cannot string cable around for this camera.

Once the power is removed, ethernet cable is removed, and power back on, (this is the procedure to switch from the wired, setup mode, to the wireless mode) the DHCP-assigned address is squirrelly, at best. Also, even with the above noted SMC and ActionTec waps, if the camera antenna is screwed to its terminal, the DHCP address is incorrect ALWAYS...where the camera shows the above dice-rolled IP address for both of WAPs that otherwise correctly.. Remove the antenna, and it usually works correctly with the SMC and ActionTec WAPs... never with the 2Wire 2700 modem... and this really pains me, since the 2Wire is a superior product, with its high powered 400mW radio transmitter and significantly higher throughput.

So, all in all, the camera, while a nice enough hardware package setup that COULD WORK, probably, if the software worked correctly, I give the product a 1 out of 5, for my purpose, which is a wireless, internet camera with pan and tilt capability...that communicates with the wireless access point that I have on location... Gee, is this asking for too much, a product that works as advertised and works as expected? You pricks at Linksys need your STUPID HEADS collectively slapped for putting out this disfunctional, garbage pile of so-called product, which has caused SO MUCH TIME WASTAGE on the part of SO MANY, hundreds of, good people who just wanted a simple, functional product. But NOOOO, you have to purvey this pile of sh*t.

Save your money until someone makes a decent package, which the WVC200 IS NOT.

By the way, my understanding is that Linksys/Cisco didn't really build this crap pile... they just foolishly bought the package from someone else, labeled it as their own, and started the hoax.

keith20mm, the guy with the 20mm Solothurn AT cannon.

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  Por Mike - Sep 5, 2007

Excellent Camera

Puntos Fuertes: Works perfectly as advertised. I was surprised by the good low light capability.

Puntos Débiles: No Firefox support.

I see from other reviews that some folks had issues with wireless. My guess is they did not read the directions. Set it up with a static IP, not DHCP or dynamic. I don't run LINUX or MAC, so no input there, and since Billy Boy owns the consumer OS market I see no reason for Linksys to bother with those niche users. If you want to run a MAC or Linux you better be very technically competent. MAC is for kiddies at school, and LINUX is for Windows bashing technocrats.

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  Por el miembro: stalwol - Jul 21, 2006

Beware of this product

Puntos Fuertes: Works fine with Ethernet cable

Puntos Débiles: Does not work at all with wireless routers - even with Linksys brand!

What I saw on in other reviews is makes my purchase non-sense. It looks like not only I have problem make it work wirelessly. DHCP in my WRT54G router assignes IP - and this is the end of wireless functionality. Same result with manually set IP. WLAN LED blinks periodically and is not dicoverable form my LAN.

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  Por Mike Doane - May 6, 2007

Linksys WVC200

Puntos Fuertes: Great business wireless camera system if you're using Windows XP.

Puntos Débiles: Linksys says that this WVC200 is compatible with Windows Vista Ultimate and that it works using WPA PSK-AES. It does neither.

Cisco Systems needs to beef up quality control on ALL Linksys wireless camera/specialty products. All of their wireless/specialty products do not work as claimed. I would recommend Buffalo Technology Federal Edition wireless cameras. They are pricey but ALL features work as claimed.

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  Por el miembro: orsiaustria2010 - Feb 14, 2010

safe youre money and buy a better camera !!!

Puntos Fuertes: Seams to be very cheap.....

Puntos Débiles: is cheaper than you paid for it

color problems, identifying car numbers or persons.... forget it. wireles sec. setup only in two steps, not in wireless mode possible, because in (elese of) one of the two steps, you are loosing connection immediatly.
Hangs up some times, so its not good for "far away aplications" and so on.

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  Por el miembro: tech42 - May 21, 2008

Industry [non] standard camera

Puntos Fuertes: Looks cool

Puntos Débiles: Uses non-standard technology, only works with PC's using IE. Won't work on anything else.

Avoid this camera. Buy something that uses industry standards and works on browsers other than just IE, and that works on Macs or Linux as well as Windows. Cisco should know better.

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  Por el miembro: rstoomanyhobbies - Mar 6, 2008

Linksys WVC200 PTZ Wireless Camera

Puntos Fuertes: Reliable, pretty good video streaming quality, does what I want it to

Puntos Débiles: Very difficult to set up for anyone not technical. With some techie help, I got two going at home and used dyndns port forwarding to avoid paying Linksys $$ for their service.

Love it! Can keep an eye on the home and see and hear the family when I'm away. It it were plug-n-play and if the price would come down I would give it five stars! I don't know of any better product out there for the price.

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  Por el miembro: harpers - Dec 10, 2007

WVC200 camera wirelessly

Puntos Fuertes: small effective quick to set up

Puntos Débiles: instruction manual needs more information

My settings were fairly straight forward:
set up camera with fixed ip, network - infrastructure - set port forward on router port 1024 to fixed ip, set up ddns with ease then camera worked with wired connection but not wired, swapped router wireless settings to channel 11 and great everything worked.

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  Por BEWARE - Oct 30, 2007

Beware - Linksys support is TERRIBLE

Puntos Débiles: It's like being in the sook in Turkey - they string you along but know nothing and then they can't fix the problem but tell you "stick with me brother" and they can't troubleshoot the most basic issue

Please be careful. Linksys tech support is virtually the worst experience one can have. They know less than you know and they cannot fix the issue. One was so stupid as to tell me to call the retailer

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  Por el miembro: xtcnails - Oct 9, 2007

WVC200 Wireless PTZ Internet Camera with Audio...

Puntos Fuertes: Wireless!

Puntos Débiles: Bad Manual!

WVC200 Wireless PTZ Internet Camera with Audio Linksys WVC200 Wireless PTZ Internet Camera with Audio. This Webcam really works! You gotta play with the ports! Took me 2 days to figure it out! I am glad i buy this webcam!

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  Por el miembro: guidoD - Sep 2, 2007

Motion detection does not work !

Puntos Fuertes: Excellent user interface

Puntos Débiles: Image density not constant at all

Image density is not constant for this camera.
In the setup it is possible to activate a "motion detection" feature but since the image density does not remain constant, this feature is useless: the camera constantly triggers while no motion at all is occuring.
Linksys tells they are working on a solution but nothing has solved the problems.

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  By anonymous - Aug 27, 2007

Nice concept

Puntos Fuertes: advertisement is good

Puntos Débiles: works with lan cable but not with wireless. The Linksys Tech could not get it to work.

don't buy this camera if you want to use LAN only. Could not get this camera away from its home setting, even after loading it up directly with the computer.

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  - Nov 5, 2008

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