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Decoración para Cuarto Infantil - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

5 Star Review Shower Curtain With Zip Off Liner


smartshopper75 - (June 26, 2007) This is a fabulous product! It saves time, frustration and is better for the enviroment. Once I put up my Springmaid Hotel Shower Curtain, I never have to take it off the rings to change the liner. It came with a zip off fabric liner attached! What a great idea! Once my liner starts to get alittle moldy I just unzip the liner throw it in the wash and zip it right back on, it was that easy! When mold grows on my shower curtain it affects my kid's allergies, now it is so much easier to keep a cleaner, healthier bathroom for them. And now I wash my liner instead of throwing more vinyl into landfills. It is a very "eco-responsible" product. A fabric liner and a gorgeous curtain together, it i

5 Star Review Great Invention!


tnashaw - (August 06, 2006) We have a 2006 Britax Marathon car seat. We bought this for wheeling our 10 month old around the airport so we didn't have to check the stroller at the gate. It worked great & generated a lot of interest! We felt safe wheeling her around and were confident that it wouldn't come off. It was worth every penny. You can't wheel the car seat down the aisle because the seat itself is too wide, so it comes off right before you board, but easily stashes overhead. It's attached/detached with two bolts with large easy to grab heads that screw into a bar that slips into the back of the car seat. The seat sits on a little ledge on the backplate of the carrier. If I were to improve it, I'd say paint the

4 Star Review Tiny Love Gymini is great


luvmybb - (March 31, 2006) My son was only 2 months old when I bought this for him. He is now 4 months and is a bit arm spoiled. This mat keeps him occupied and he will lay on it and talk to his own reflection in the mirror for quite a while. He loves it more that his swing and it helps him with his coordination and he even started rolling side to side trying to reach some of the toys that hang down. I would definately recommend this to my friends.

Ultimas Reseñas

4 Star Review Darling

Anonymous - (25/06/13) This little night light is just spectacular! We love it!!

5 Star Review Kids love it

Anonymous - (25/06/13) both my toddlers love this turtle for a night light. very soothing. I wish they had more neutral colors. 5 star for sure.

5 Star Review cute and inexpensive

Anonymous - (25/06/13) This was a gift for a friend that just had a baby. She said she had other products by the maker and they all held up well. It is a cute gift for under $30.

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