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Cunas para Bebé - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

1 Star Review Crib is unsafe for toddlers


mmm0323 - (January 14, 2006) Our crib has the same model number and is exactly the same, but was marketed as the Fisher-Price Emerald Crib-Natural Finish when we received it as a gift 2 1/2 years ago. When my son started getting bigger and his limbs were getting thicker (about 1 year old), he repeatedly got his arms and legs stuck in the rails during the night or during naps. On one of those occasions, I thought he had broken his leg or ankle because he had twisted himself so that his foot was actually facing backwards. This scared me really bad and I put in some extra side padding, but I never felt like this crib was 100% safe from that night on. Just recently, my son was put to bed and like most two year olds, h

5 Star Review Great Crib & Wonderful Customer Service


tunga - (February 26, 2007) This is a good quality, highly functional crib. It's solid built and looks pretty. The changing table with drawers adds great functionality and the additional drawer at the bottom is also a plus. It comes with wheels but they are optional, you don't have to put them (we didn't because the changing table would have been too high for my wife to comfortable change the baby (my wife is 5'3"). My package had a few damaged parts, so I had to deal with Simplicity's customer service. They were extremely friendly, very responsive and sent the parts no questions asked. They were out of stock on one and they offered to take it off one of the demo units they had in the factory so as not to delay my o

5 Star Review Love this crib


johnson42005 - (February 15, 2008) We bought this crib for my daughter and she is 1 now and we are still using it and it is still like new! We are expecting again and are going to buy this same crib for our daughter on the way! We love it and it is well worth the cost! I would not buy any other crib!

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review VERY GOOD BUY!!

Anonymous User - (18/06/13) Pro: This bed is VERY nice, well made & even the faux leather button tuck upholstery feels soft & well made. This bed is very sturdy & easy to assemble. The finish is really nice & the scrolls & carved wood pieces are beautiful. It's made of good wood concerning the price of around $1000.00,depending on the vendor. The ONLY thing I can warm anyone about this item has more to do with sleigh bed design that it does the product. The headboard of this bed will come out 14" from your wall at the bed level. If I had thought about this, I would ordered a larger night stand. So reaching over from the bed to night stand is now hampered, but not a deal breaker. Just an FYI. Con: The slats that hold the mattress up are too small for this size bed. We are not obese people, but if we were I don't believe these slats would be hefty enough. The boards on each side that are screwed into the side rails will eventually weaken, so we put small metal L brackets up underneath the slat holders. We also added 2 more slats to be sure the mattress will never fall through the frame. The "feet" that screw into the center of each slat will help alot, but it's still my opinion 5 slats would be better.

5 Star Review Whoo Doesnt Need More Storage?

Anonymous - (13/12/12) Love this cute storage bin that I got as a gift for my niece for Christmas. She loves to organize her toys, papers, anything so she really loves storage bins. And how fun is it to have a adorably decorated bin that is soft and collapsible so it only takes up space when she needs it to? Love that this product is also available in monkey, bumblebee and lady bug so it fits for any room decor or kid's style.

5 Star Review So Cute

Anonymous - (08/12/12) I was so surprised to see how cute this was when i received my order. Instead of putting it folded and in a wrapped box for Christmas I am using the box in place of a Christmas stocking. They will hold a lot, look great under the tree and later be serviceable. A great gift to give. I am going to order more.

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