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Columpios para Bebé - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

5 Star Review Deluxe Jumperoo Freestanding Bouncer


MatthewAlan - (June 02, 2004) It wears the baby out. Gets some of his energy out. He used to get so bored going from toy to toy, but this jumperoo seems to be something he really enjoys. He loves to jump on me so this gives me a little break. It is a great invention and it does not hang on door ways like the old fashion kind.

5 Star Review Deluxe Jumperoo Freestanding Bouncer


lisachua - (June 17, 2004) My son LOVES this toy. He is 6 months old and every time he is in it he squeals and chortles with all the fun he is having. The day we bought this toy and put him in it, he jumped and bounced for a solid hour and after that took a 3 hour nap. Hooray!

4 Star Review Deluxe Jumperoo Freestanding Bouncer


vj1917 - (April 14, 2004) This jumperoo keeps my granddaughter occupied for well over an hour. She bounces and touch all the interactive items with excitement each and every time I put her in this jumperoo.

Ultimas Reseñas

1 Star Review you will be returning item

Anonymous User - (06/07/13) don't buy, I received this swing as requested on my target baby registry. my baby and i both loved it, but two weeks after we opened it the music options stopped working. since i liked the swing i just exchanged it for another of the same (keep in mind, this was just last week). today the music options have begun failing once again. i usually have the swing and music on for only a couple hours a day. i will be calling Graco since Target doesn't have a different swing that i want to exchange for.

5 Star Review Winnie the Pooh Bouncy Activity Jumper

Anonymous - (27/03/13) I absolutely LOVE this jumper, and so does my baby, I'm actually planning to never get rid of it until I'm done having kids, even then, it'll stay in the family!

4 Star Review Robust

Anonymous - (25/04/12) Buyer beware, the description says, "Metal swing attachments encircle the pole so no drilling is required, maintaining the strength and integrity of the timber." Now to secure the corner (end) posts to the poles and top you need to drill 4 x 5mm diameter 25mm deep. You need to drill 1 x 5mm diameter 25mm deep hole to secure each hanger. So, what's this about no drilling to maintain the strength and integrity of the timber ?? I think I'll use invisible nails to be sure.

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