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5 Star Review Roll-line Navigator


skatefamily2 - (March 08, 2006) This plate is actually very well made. I would have gone with the Energy, but budget was maxxed, and didn't find a significant reduction in weight with the titanium upgrades. I really like the feel of this plate. It is a little more responsive than my PT with the same wheel base. The weight difference, when mounted, is not a distraction. I can set pace with the speed team and then jam with just a couple of adjusment clicks(easy). If you are a competent skater, consider a wheel base just a little shorter than your present plates. These babies will come right to life. Fun to look at too.

4 Star Review Good skate


Bittis - (March 29, 2007) Though not the lightest skate out there, it is definitely worth the price. The stock bearings on these skates work great and the boot is pretty durable. I broke mine in pretty quickly with little discomfort.

5 Star Review Excellent Skate


dianneiyisan - (October 06, 2006) The seeling point for me was that I could put them on in less than a minute, and the fact that the boot moves with me, I'm not stuck conforming to some rigid boot. The toe area is generous, leaving a perfect comfort and no cramping, which is important to me! I like that the heel support is ideal, it doesn't cut off my circulation like the k2 brands, and it doesn't leave me floating around like the plastic boots I grew up with. I really love the skate and highly reccomend it for anyone wanting to take their skating to the next level.

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review usd

Anonymous User - (07/08/13) i ? usd carbon 4 boot

1 Star Review broken when first used

Anonymous - (21/12/12) Customer service is bad. The product has a 30 limited warranty. We did not use them right away and my daughter did not even make it on the skate rink as they were broken when we tried to put them on. The plastic holding the buckle over the foot broke off. Customer service response was " so sorry for your luck". DON'T BUY!

4 Star Review Great skates for a great price!

tinyandi - (01/07/08) I decided to break the monotony of the gym by roller blading on some days. I decided to purchase some inexpensive blades for $49.99 from Sports Authority. These wheels do the trick. I just took them out for a 6 mile trek and they held up well. Some things I noticed however: (a) leafs get easily stuck on the wheels of the right blade, where the breaks are (so be careful!); (b) the skates are a bit uncomfortable on the inner sole, so they will take some time to break in; (c) the breaks are not the best (so look for grass if you need to break fast). Otherwise, these skates should do well for occasional skating around the neighborhood. I would not recommend them for more professional skating. I bought a size 5, although I normally wear a size 6 or bigger, so the sizes run a bit big, like most skates. The look of the skate is alright (the colors are not great). The skate itself provides great support though, having a velcro latch, laces, and a plastic latch. Overall, the skate feels very sturdy around the ankle and leg. For the price, these skates are great quality.

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