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Máquinas de Ejercicio - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

1 Star Review 995 SEL Electric 2.75HP Foldup Treadmill


dlenzi - (November 30, 2004) After about a year it broke. The elctronics went out. It was no longer under warranty, and trying to find someone to service it was a bear. I finally got someone from Sears. For $375.00 they replaced the central controller card. In three months it was broken again, same problem. I blew over $1,300 on a product which should have lasted years. To say the least I would not recommend it. If you do buy one, get an extended service warranty.

1 Star Review Nordictrack elliptical - poor customer service


fire_roasted - (April 21, 2007) I needed to replace one piece of my elliptical because of a poorly constructed plastic shroud on my Nordictrack elliptical. I ordered the part I was missing off of THEIR chart. It was the incorrect part. They forced me to pay a 10% restocking charge and the shipping to return the part and for the new part. The customer service agent was rude and out of line. At one point he threatened to hang up on me. His name was Terry - agent 152. When I told him I was going to give him a poor review on epinions, he told me no one read those sites anyway. I would NEVER order from the Nordictrack website again.

4 Star Review Good equipment


unleaded - (February 18, 2006) This is a great piece of equipment, just got it the other day and finally got the chance to put it together. The instructions were very easy to understand and it was very easy to assemble. Like i mention earlier, this unit is very heavy, you'll get a workout just trying to store it somewhere. It is really great, the price for all that you get with the equipment. If you have a garage, or maybe a spare bedroom not being used, or maybe a building, shed maybe to set this up, that would be reccommended. Much easier to have it already set up then to have to take it apart and reassemble it when u want to reuse it again. I love mine, the excercises give you a great workout, and the glide board is wh

Ultimas Reseñas

1 Star Review All I want for Christmas is a NordicTrack X11i that ACTUALLY Inclines

DalCn - (22/12/13) I purchased a NordicTrack X11i that was delivered in September, and to this day it still does not incline as advertised. I have a defective product, and instead of replacing it, NordicTrack sends me parts they believe is causing the incline not to function properly. On every part, they have been wrong, and I still have a defective product. A quality company would do everything in their power to make this right, and not avoid following up with the customer in the hopes that they will go away. Well, I'm not going away. I paid for an incline trainer, so its not unreasonable for me to expect that it actually inclines.

5 Star Review Came in 11 days

Anonymous - (16/09/13) Terrible shipping i hate footlocker product was great!

5 Star Review good and comfortable

Anonymous - (15/09/13) have 1 in black and 1 in white and i wear them a lot to the gym and when i play basketball great shirt BUT comes a little narrow after few months.overall glad i bought them

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