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Our most popular model the MCH6 is one of the most reliable compact and portable personal high pressure breathing air compressor available today. Mounted on a durable powder coated steel frame with convenient carry handles this compressor is ideal for location dives or pleasure boats where portability space and weight are considerations. Economical to run (it costs approximately $2.92 to fill the average scuba cylinder) and easy to maintain (blowdown change oil and filters) the MCH6 will give years of high quality breathing air in locations where dive centers or air stations are not accessible. With a max operating pressure of 4500 psi this compressor can handle any sized personal scuba cylinder on the market today (not designed for filling cascade bottles). Available in a variety of electric motors gasoline engine or no engine model for installation of your own motor (the model prefered by boating enthusiasts that wish to install the compressor on their own power plant) the MCH6 comes complete with oil/water separators that have manual drains an air purification system that supplies SCUBA or Fire Department grade clean and dry air final relief valve and 5 foot filler hose assembly with your choice of DIN SCBA or standard yoke SCUBA filler. ***Click below for more details***


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