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Bates de Béisbol y Softbol - Opiniones sobre Productos

Comentarios más Utiles

2 Star Review Not happy with this BAT's durablity!


glozzy - (September 10, 2006) My son loves the performance and feel, but the bat dents easily. Not something I want to deal with. Having to constantly return the bat and get a replacement because of dent is not fun. The durability of the bat is POOR!

5 Star Review Catalyst is best bat yet.


allstardad - (January 22, 2007) Bat has great pop on contact and very big sweet spot. Weight is incredibly low and is distributed evenly across the entire barrel to produce super fast bat speed. Sounds like you are hitting a wooden bat. My son gives it 2 thumbs up. We would highly recommend this bat.

5 Star Review Miken titanium


BrandonMcpherson - (November 30, 2006) I have only used this bat at one batting practice. Right out of the wrapper I hit the very first pitch about 100 feet over the fence, on a 300ft field. I continued hitting bombs one after a nother. After I finished hitting, a couple of friends hit with this bat and hit home runs also. Both other guys normally do not hit home runs. The sweet spot on this bat is ridiculous. It did not matter where the ball hit the bat, it would still fly. I looked at the marks on the bat and I noticed that I jammed myself almost every time and this bat still crushed. The three of us would switch to using a miken freak that was well broke in and it was night and day difference. I would compare this bat

Ultimas Reseñas

5 Star Review Hardest hitting ASA bat out there!!!!

Anonymous - (14/08/13) Got the bat and it took about 100 hits to get it broken in. It crushes .52 and .44 core balls with a huge sweet spot.. You will not be disappointed in this bat .

5 Star Review Looks so nice , everyone's jealous of my new bat

Anonymous - (17/07/13) I love my new Nike aero show III bat it's very nice to swing and feels amazing when you make contact , my team of 15 year olds and some 14 are travelling to china at the end of this month and I hope to have success over in china using this bat all my team mates are jealous of my new bat and are asking where I got it , I answered with the one and only east bay of course some had not heard of you website so I told them to check it out my mate them came to training I few weeks later with a new glove bat and batting gloves , my whole team loves your site and we will defiantly be using it in the futures

1 Star Review Terrible Bat

Anonymous User - (16/07/13) Purchased this bat for my son who plays high school baseball. He went to a bat store that had demos of tons of bats and hit them all and he hit this bat great in the cage/demo. But after purchase of a brand new version of that bat he never hit well. Used in several games, batting practice even with his hitting coach. NONE of his fellow teammates could hit this bat. The performance was just not there. It was a "Dead Bat". I even contacted the factory and told them I thought it was defective and sent it back to them for their "Official Testing" and they came back with "Everything was ok" but still No results when my son used the bat. Stay away from this bat and don't waste the money. Now going to ebay to sell the bat as a Used Bat.

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